The Guardia Civil practica 18 arrests and charges relating to the robbery at a mobile phone shop.

The author of theft stolen phones sold with a substantial reduction from the 70% and 80% your actual market value.

As a result of the investigation initiated by the Civil Guard in January, following the theft committed in a commercial establishment of the Andalusian village of Vera, Vera agents Stall (Almería) been practiced to date 14 arrests and other 4 complaints by its relation to the facts.

The agents of the Civil Guard Stall Vera, begin their inquiries last 14 January, after knowing the robbery at a shop dedicated to selling and hiring mobile, where subtracted thirty high-end phones, and telephony cards 5 tablets.

After few days of research, the Guardia Civil agents learn that a neighbor of Vera (Almería), with a history of crimes against property and known by the officials responsible for the investigation, vendiendo phones are high-end 50 € each one.

For this reason, after locating the last 21 January and intervenirle 5 mobile terminals, una tablet y 17 telephony cards, material corresponding to the stolen part of the shop, agents come to arrest J. G. H., of 21, suspicion of an offense of theft.

Following the instruction of the proceedings and made available to the Court of Instruction No. 3 de Vera (Almería), decreed his imprisonment.

In this first phase, agents focused their efforts on stopping the alleged theft of trade, and having the first target covered, Civil Guard then initiates the second phase of the operation with the clear intention to identify and arrest the receptadores, people who had purchased the stolen material, besides trying to recover most of the stolen phones.