Unicaja and ASPRODALBA Foundation sign an agreement for a new residence

ASPRODALBA users participated in the workshop

Unicaja Foundation and the Association ASPRODALBA, dedicated to the care of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, They have signed an agreement that will allow the group to respond to the demand of the population and place a new residence fully equipped and adapted and adults.

The collaboration of the institution, countersigned an agreement signed by Emilia Garrido, representing Unicaja Foundation, and Francisco Alonso Martínez, President ASPRODALBA, will serve to facilitate the implementation of the project, It is consisting mainly of enlargement and transformation of housing, in this case, association property, as it explained by the company in a note.

The work, driven so “decisive” by Unicaja Foundation, according Alonso Martinez, It involves profound changes in the property, in addition to their adjustment to the requirements prescribed by law. In this sense, They are enabled three new bedrooms, a lounge and a store, inter alia.

Collaboration in the residence, it will offer a non-existent resources in the area, It is ascribed to the interest of Unicaja Foundation to promote initiatives that favor integration and quality of life, and the autonomy of people with special needs starting.

With the construction of the residence for adults, planned in the municipality of Vera, on a plot located in the city center and donated by the city, ASPRODALBA happen to have a basic infrastructure in order to avoid the uprooting of people with intellectual disabilities, many of them with relatives, that their economic situation and their advanced age, they can not provide them daily care they need.

According to the collective, center, of inclusive, also it functions as a tool to encourage user autonomy, besides staying in an environment where they feel wrapped and which they are fully conversant.

The association ASPRODALBA, comprising more than twenty workers, currently serving over a hundred people with intellectual disabilities and about two hundred families. Adult residence joins other spaces driven by the work of the group, pioneer in the area, which it has an occupational center and a day-stay unit.