Lonxanet Foundation finalizes the project TRANSFORM getting encourage the creation of 3 blue economy companies

Posada El Candil (Pannier)

The TRANSFORM project has boosted during the year 2019 the creation of three companies in the framework of a sustainable blue economy with social impact and positive impact on the sea. Emphasizing the importance of maintaining a holistic approach to the business approach, the TRANSFORM project accompanied 30 entrepreneurs with initiatives from different sectors: tourism, hotel and restaurant, nutrition, fashion, aquaculture, marketing industry, environmental consulting, environmental education, hydrogen production, advice on energy efficiency use of renewable, advice on efficient use of natural resources, etc..
While, there are some upcoming initiatives to constitute, a completion date of the project are three formalized proposals: Ethical Garment Solutions SL (EGS), Gastroconciencia and Coal Live SCCL. Ethical Garment Solutions SL (EGS) located in Galicia, born with the aim of helping fashion companies to make a collection 100% sustainable since they are aware of the difficulties involved in betting on this type of project. A project that focuses on making decent working conditions fretting of raw materials and processes that are least harmful to the environment possible, It is part of the change.
Gastroconciencia located in Andalusia (Almería), gastronomy with knowledge and awareness for addition to the taste and health prescribed circular economy, KM0 products and the people who make it possible, farmers, farmers and artisanal fishermen of Cabo de Gata. The result of a collaboration agreement, This initiative offers its gastronomy La Posada del Candil (High Valley Almanzorra, Almería).
coal Live, located in Catalonia, It is a collective project that aim the production and commercialization of biochar (charcoal) for agricultural and livestock use. The cooperative wants to bring scientific knowledge about biochar farmers and ranchers, in order to provide a new tool for leveraging resources and improving the efficiency of different processes, promoting local producers Biochar networks and providing new sources of economic development of rural areas.
Support has focused on actions of individual support and online classroom, group, in the process of enterprise development and participation in innovation actions that are committed to rooting initiatives in the territory. In innovation actions it has had the participation of Guilds of artisanal fishermen in Lira and Laxe, Lonja de A Coruña, in Galicia, PESCARTES and the Association of Fishermen of Cabo de Gata (Almería); Entities like Financieras Solidarity Action Against Unemployment, Fiare and Coop57; entities related to social innovation as Impact Hub, External Cooperative providing legal and corporate advice, Javier Fernández Cebreiros emphasizing the importance of authenticity in communication; entities of the social economy as Opcions, Dining en rose, Plankton or Espigoladors, Dissemination and Marine Services; and finally, inspiring initiatives such as refix Yourself, dew, Fresh and Canned Sea and Sotavento, FAEPAC Energy Agency, the latter in Galicia. All actions have been free and financed by the ESF. #TRANSFORM is part of the program #empleaverde , promoted by the Biodiversity Foundation (F.S.P.) Ministry of the Environment Transition, In addition to the framed in thematic Empleazul, contribute to the objectives of the project INTEMARES Biodiversity Foundation acts as the Intermediate Agency Employment Operational Program, Training and Education (POEFE).