The exhibition of Contemporary Art Blue&Blue opens in Vera next 1 June



Next 1 June is inaugurated in Vera, in the Exhibition Hall. Edif. Multipurpose, the exhibition of contemporary art Blue&Blue que organiza el propio ayuntamiento junto a MECA. La exposición se abrirá a las 20,30 horas y se podrá visitar hasta el 7 July.

Blue&Blue. Contemporary art in Vera, Cultural city is conceived as an energy project, as a driving force for the generation of solid strategies in which the attraction between the different communities that make up the town and the participating artists is established as a constant in the different programs that are part of this project and that will be developed during the months of May and June 2017, also understanding Blue&Blue, as my own, identity and with the very essence of the area.

With this project, participation in creative processes, In the different activities that are generated and in the meetings and direct actions, it will be done jointly among the resident population, visitors and creators.

In the contemporary era interpersonal connectivity, the relationship between the traditional and the current, the sustainable development of the conceptual contents is considered as something normalized, this being the reality that artists have constantly applied in the development of their professional careers.

When less inhabited areas host professional artists' groups, They invest all their efforts with enormous generosity in a way that helps these regions to revitalize their economy, turning them into points of reference for people from different geographical locations., National and international, attracted by the contemporary artistic-cultural activity that takes place there.

In this sense Blue&Blue, It has to be understood as a process in which the artists who intervene will offer new creative visions with collective coexistence as the main axis.

Blue&Blue. Contemporary Art is a meeting of cultures and value, revitalization and modernization of heritage wealth, cultural and social area as well as a meeting point and relationships between different institutions and their representatives.


Participating in this exhibition 32 artists in the disciplines of painting, photograph, sculpture, installation and digital art.


Angel García Roldán. Antonio de Diego Arias. Antonio Jesus Garcia. Asuncion Lozano. Belén Mazuecos. Carmen Guardia. Carmen Sicre. Eduardo Martin del Pozo. Ernesto Pedalino. Fernando Banos. Fernando Barrionuevo. Francisco Alarcon. Francisco Uceda. Jesus Campra. Jose Francisco Martin Pastor. Juan Morante. Karlos Kaplan. Laia Arqueros. Manuel Vazquez Dominguez. Mar Garrido. Mariló Entrambasaguas. Mercedes Lirola. Ming Yi Chou. Pablo Fernandez Pujol. Pablo Foruria. Paco Lagares. Paco Lara Barranco. Pedro Cuadra Gonzalez. Pedro osakar. Thomas lamb. Toña Gómez and Yolanda Relinque.

Opening: 1 June at 20.30 h

From 1 June to 7 July.



Vera Town Hall

MECA Mediterranean Artistic Center


Fernando Barrionuevo


Rosa Muñoz Bustamante