The Municipal School of Music receives Albox 3.000 euros for instruments and equipment

School of Music acquires new instruments thanks to an agreement.

School of Music acquires new instruments thanks to an agreement.

Municipal School of Music received Albox 3.000 Company euros waste management Geocycle for the purchase of new instruments and materials. The Councilor for Culture, Aurora Cerdán, It has been commissioned to mediate between the company and the municipal school to seal the deal between the two institutions, which will mean that from now the image of the recycling company is present in the events of the Municipal School of Music.

Thanks to the money received, those responsible for the Municipal School of Albox have decided to purchase the materials considered most needed at this time for teachers and students. So, Music School has chosen to buy a marimba, an instrument similar to the xylophone percussion is struck with a mallet to play musical notes. It is an instrument with a price that makes it difficult to purchase a Municipal School of Music except for exceptions like big cities. For Albox, Geocycle collaboration has allowed the Municipal School of Music is one of the few in the province of Almeria that have a marimba for teaching.

The ceremony for the signing of the agreement was attended by the Councilor for Culture, Aurora Cerdán; the head of Plant Geocycle, María Cristina Gómez; the school principal, Maria Dolores Galera and Professor Wind, Wood and percussion Francisco Javier Miranda. Also, the Municipal School of Music in Albox has a new stereo, which it has also been acquired thanks to the contribution of the company Geocycle.

Councillor for Culture, Aurora Cerdán, He thanked "the collaboration greatly Company Geocycle, which thus he has returned to bet on the culture of the municipality of Albox, with whom she has a close relationship for years ".

Aurora Cerdan has shown that "the great professionals of our School of Music will get the most out of these materials that have safe thanks to this contribution, which will help them continue to grow so dramatically as they have done in recent years, It is an example of musical education ".