Marble School opens the deadline to apply for new courses

The Andalusian Employment Service (SAE), to which the School of Marble Purposes (Almería), It has opened the deadline for submitting applications to participate in two training routes, those of 'natural stone extraction and assembly and maintenance mechanic’ and 'Auxiliary operations in processing plant natural stone, crafts and stone restoration ', and a course teacher of Vocational Training for Employment which will be trained to 45 unemployed.

Applications can be submitted until 17 September, in the case of itineraries, and to 10 September for the course teaching of FPE, at the Provincial Delegation of Employment, Training, Autonomous work, Economy, Knowledge, Companies and University or in the 13 Office of the Andalusian Employment Service Almería, as he explained by the Board in a note.

The basic requirement is to be registered as a jobseeker not busy at SAE. The application form is available at….

These training activities are part of the program of the School of Marble Purposes for years 2019 a 2021, It is consisting of five training tracks and course teacher FPE, and which may be formed in total 90 unemployed.

The program has been designed following a previous study of the School of Marble to identify the needs of companies in the natural stone and the most demanded occupations by industry.

The routes consist of courses leading to professional certificates represent different levels, in practice, In addition to training of unemployed people in skills demanded by the labor market of natural stone industry, an opportunity to access higher level training for applicants with insufficient academic level and thus improving their professional qualifications.

The selected students will be entitled to scholarships and grants for established participants in training unemployed vocational training for employment in transport, maintenance, accommodation and conciliation with the care of dependents children under six years or, scholarships and assistance to people with disabilities and certain groups of people unemployed established by the SAE and requiring action differentiated to facilitate their qualifications or retraining to enable their participation in specific programs.

Source: EuropaPressContador