School of Music celebrates its Cultural Days Cuevas

Students of the School of Music in Cuevas del Almanzora.

Students of the School of Music in Cuevas del Almanzora.

The Municipal School of Music, Dance and Theater Cuevas del Almanzora has successfully held its XII Cultural Days.

All actions that have taken place this year have had a beneficial character, whose collection, which it has reached 730 euros, It has been fully designed to help the little Leo.

Hundreds of people have supported this worthy cause and have actively participated in the proceedings of the various forms taught, are as percussion (Juan Antonio Rodríguez imparting Higueras), piano (José Miguel Rodríguez Brown), guitar (Guillermo Fernández Morales), classical and modern dance (Belén López Aledo), ballroom dancing (Mª Dolores Artero Benitez), flute (Inmaculada Ruiz Segura), clarinet and saxophone (Antonia Rodríguez Márquez), trumpet, horn and music and movement (Tijeras Luis Padilla), Spanish dance, modern dance and dance music (Inmaculada Parra Cazorla) and theater (Fernando García Ripoll).

As he highlighted by the director of the School Belén López, "We are very pleased with the outcome of these cultural events, who have been so special for everyone ". Also, He stressed "the involvement of students and teachers with the video that we have realized from the school to show our support for the small Leo" and expressed his gratitude "to the entity Cajamar, for your colaboration, as every year, with this conference ".

You can see the video at the following link: