The delegate of Education takes part in a day of living Public School Rural Almanzora II

Image of the Day of Coexistence.

Image of the Day of Coexistence.

The territorial delegate of Education, Francisca Fernández, He has participated in the XXIII day of living that the public school Rural Almanzora II was held in the town of Albox, one of the venues that make up the CPR and are distributed between the municipalities of Albox, Oria, Singing, Partaloa, Arboleas y Huércal Overa. The delegate has attended accompanied by the mayor of Albox, Francisco Torrecillas and director of the center, María Arán, where about 160 families, teachers and local representatives have shared a day of meeting.

The AMPA 'Alcapararra' has offered the students a breakfast, after which, They have developed various actions, diplomas and bands putting the students of 6th of Primary Education. The day was clausurdo a paella tasting offered by the municipality of Albox.

He explains the territorial delegate of Education, Francisca Fernández, "Thanks to the work and determination of the educational community, the center was unified as a rural school in 1988 and over the years and the result of migration, pedanías have been opening up to the present, It is the largest Rural College in Andalusia at the level of municipalities ".

Now, the headquarters of Alto Almanzora Rural Public School are: the conception, Huercal Overa, Almanzora, in Cantoria, Ermita de Oria, in the locality, Partaloa, The meadow, Arboleas, Canico, The Pocicas and Llano de los Olleres in Albox; this last, which it took place the day together.

Colegio Público Rural Almanzora II

Downtown, says the delegate, "It features a team of 30 teachers with a common line of work, nearby, innovative, individualized, cooperative and inclusive ". In this regard, It underlines the efforts made from the Junta de Andalucía to foster equal opportunities for all students, with special attention to groups that for geographical reasons are disadvantaged ".

Almeria province has 17 rural public schools and more than 2.000 students.