Classical Theater Company staged Sevilla 'Hamlet' at the Auditorio de Vera

Poster work.

Poster work.

Included in the theater program of the Department of Culture of the City veratense, next day 6 May, at the Municipal Auditorium 'Ciudad de Vera', It will represent one of the great works of Shakespeare.

The curtain of the Municipal Auditorium 'Ciudad de Vera will open the next day 6 May for the performance of 'Hamlet', a theatrical spectacle of the first order that enacts the Classical Theater of Seville, a company run by Juan Motilla and Noelia Diez, which brings the background and experience of many professionals in the performing arts. From different areas, like the National Classical Theater Company, "The Jácara", "Absurdity", the Theater Institute, the Royal School of Dramatic Art, the Centro Andaluz de Teatro, and the world of film and television.

Directed by Alfonso Zurro, This work has been awarded a total of 19 awards: 3 ADE AWARDS 2016 in the categories of Address, Scenography, and Lighting; 8 AWARDS LORCA 2016 Best Show, Address, Adaptation, Actor, Actress, Scenography, Locker room, illumination; 6 SCENARIO PRIZES 2015-2016; AWARD FOR BEST SHOW FAIR PALMA RIVER 2016; CANAL SUR PERFORMING ARTS AWARD 2015: Alfonso Zurro; 6 MAX AWARDS nominations: best Show, Address, Scenography, Main actor, Secondary actor, Locker room, and RECOMMENDED by Spanish network of theaters and auditoriums of Public Ownership; and Curt Allen Wilmer is a finalist for the Max Awards 2017 by Design Scenic Area show HAMLET.

Classical Theater of Seville on classical pieces to a public increasingly used to them. "We are interested in their artistic and literary value, because they connect with the indigenous and the collective imagination beyond our borders and that with the passage of time, New and rich hues found in them ". "But, also, "added, "We are an open company, which hosts actors and directors from different artistic fields, and involves them in the art of classical dramaturgy. We are interested in covering the relative vacuum that exists in this regard. We present a repertoire of classics creating a cultural quality ".

About Hamlet

"Where is Hamlet? What time and place inhabits the Shakespearean character? How do we get the words of the Prince of Denmark in a world where it is observed, is monitored, you spy, and nothing goes unnoticed? Privacy has evaporated.

Are we real or reflected images walking on an unstable surface, and Variable? What should be solid is mutable, the roots are impossible, no matter that sustains.

And above, the ambition of power. The power, manipulator, corruptor, vengeful, killer… An ambition that moves the characters and tackles the confrontation and destruction. Something smells rotten when someone sets out to get power at all costs.

To be or not to be. Exist or not exist. Always the same old story. And doubt, the inability to make a decision. The fear of falling into the void of nothingness or the tumult of eternity. But if one does not act, others will.

A microcosm to show us the cosmos of humanity. The relationships, consciences, the fears, aspirations… And condensed as small as in a nutshell. a universe. Like the characters in our Hamlet. Unable to escape from a space, a world where continuing their being or not being. "