The Shire of Marble Macael, destination of an expedition of 'Metropolitan Museum of Art' New York

Ines Powell received a gift of remembrance.

Ines Powell received a gift of remembrance.

The US official presentation of the 'Marca Macael', firm that includes manufacturers and distributors of Marble Macael, was a turning point in the internationalization, both the industry and the brand itself. Almost a year later, an expedition from the Metropolitan Museum in New York, where it is exposed the Courtyard of Honor of the Castle of Vélez, in marble Blanco Macael and stage event held in June last year, It has moved to the Marble Region.

The American group, almost 30 people, He has been guided by Ines Powell, MET official lecturer for over 30 years and a specialist in Spanish art, whoever, after attending the presentation ceremony in New York, He has taken the initiative to meet, ‘in situ’, a job and a supply of materials, every time, enjoy greater international.

The agenda of the meeting, also assisted by Antonio Sánchez, Presidente de AEMA, He has included a visit to the quarries and two companies 'Marca Macael'; a company specializing in crafts and special projects and other, transformation of natural stone, specifically focused on marble Blanco Macael.

Thereby, we have tried to show participants not only know-how and the great capacity of the sector to implement projects of any size in the present but also, connection Macael marble with history, the art, and its eternal presence in the cultural heritage.

For the president of EEA "is honored to receive those responsible for the MET in New York, Ines represented by Powell, with whom we had the opportunity to make one of the most important events promoting 'Marca Macael' in the United States, with which we get, clearly, a great impact for professionals and specifiers of the construction and decoration ".

"This meeting is, however, historical-cultural character, with visitors from New York, that we are happy to show the source of the Patio of Honor Marble Castle of Velez Blanco, executed in the year 1.505 by D. Pedro Fajardo and exhibited at the MET ". With activity, we have tried to convey "the importance and great value, historically, He has given us the tradition in the art of marble in our region, even today not only endures but, also, the 'Marca Macael' is a powerful industry that has become a major international center for processing natural stone, being present in the best projects around the world”, He added Sánchez.

Upon completion of the visit in Macael, the group has moved to the Castillo de los Vélez, singular work of the Spanish Renaissance, whose story was in charge of explaining Powell in his speech during the event at the MET and who now has been able to do it from the site itself. The curator of Spanish origin based in North America, key market for the Sector, It has given him, as precursor of this activity, with a detail made of marble Blanco Macael.

The 'Marca Macael' initiative is supported by the 'Foundation Marca Macael', platform promoted by the Association of Marble Andalusia (AEMA). The objective of this platform is to act as a tool for promotion and marketing sector, making known internationally attributes, values ​​and benefits of Marble Macael, and get it to be recognized as a brand.

Now, the marble sector continues along the path of the comeback with a turnover of 671 million in 2016, a 5% más que el año anterior, where foreign sales exceed half of the total turnover. Regarding employment, the trend is upward: in 2015, for the first time since 2010, They were exceeded 3.700 direct jobs. In 2017, the figure has exceeded 3.900 jobs, depending on record the Association of Marble Andalusia.