Cia Theater Construction won the National Amateur Theater Festival Albox

The winning company for its representation.

The winning company for its representation.

After six days of good theater and appreciable attendances of all ages to each and every one of the days, Sunday day 26 March, National Amateur Theater Competition closed “Martin Gª Ramos” with the assistance of the mayor of Albox, D. Francisco Sanchez Torrecillas.

Six groups arrived from Madrid, Malaga, Alicante, Granada, Jaén and Almería have delighted audiences with works of very different genres and with large doses of originality. De facto, 3 of them were unpublished texts, compounds of the directors of their respective groups.

The panel of judges, Ms Fatima composed Almudena Gómez, D.ª Mariana Oller López, Ms Ana García Trinidad, as vocal, and D. José Carrillo Escánez, as president, He announced the failure of this XLVII edition of the competition during the closing ceremony. The prize list has been as follows:

1is prize: CIA Theater under construction Elche (Alicante), with the work 7 screams at sea, Alejandro Casona.

2st prize: Alezeia theater Benalmadena (Malaga), with the work The draw for Casiña, adaptation of the play by Plautus.

3is prize: Theater “The speaker mirror” Jaen, with the work Under the carpet, Vicente Nieto.

The jury wishes to emphasize the high quality of the works and groups who have attended the contest in this issue and the involvement of these in the proper conduct of the Contest.