The Association of Women Montecarmelo of Purchena edit a calendar against gender violence.

The Association of Women Montecarmelo of Purchena is working on the campaign 'Twelve Months, A Case against gender violence '. It is an activity that seeks the message penetrates the population in the highest possible degree, not only the 25 November but each 365 days a year. Also, is to display the work of women to eradicate gender violence and fight for full equality in civil society with the institutional support of the Department of Social Welfare, Equality and Family Council of Almería, seeking the involvement of all civil sectors involved.

The group has designed and editing calendars, since it considers that "it is a material that remains throughout the year, It is usually placed in a visible location and is consulted almost daily for several or all members of a household. " Women's Association has made for it several working sessions where not only decided the design of the same, but also explained transversely all types of violence against women can exercise, to provide society with better tools to detect when, thus deepening, in different forms of violence are; physics, psychological, sexual, economic, symbolic ...

The Association of Women Montecarmelo of Purchena want this campaign is directed to the whole society, not only women, so spread the message and distribute calendars for the remainder of the month of December between different agencies and groups in the municipality: Educational Centers ( CEIP San Ginés, IES Entresierras, Adult School), Court of First Instance and Instruction Purchena, Guardia Civil barracks, Health Center, Notary Purchena, Property Registry, City of Purchena and its various municipal offices: Local Police, Guadalinfo Center, library, Youth Information Centre, UNITE workshop, Center for Entrepreneurial Development Purchena (CADE) , Child Protection Center Los Carmenes de Purchena, The House Juvenile Center, Labor Integration Center of Purchena and the various associations of the municipality: Youth Association Iphitos, Youth Association Illipula, Guild Moon Cultural Association, Association Senior Joy of Our Elders, Cultural Association Moriscos Games Aben Humeya, Association of University Women Guadalmanzor, Progressive Women's Association Victoria Kent.