Board and City Council of Cuevas del Almanzora encourage active job search and entrepreneurship

The delegate with Fernández Liria.

The delegate with Fernández Liria.
The delegate with Fernández Liria.

Above 80 people participated today in the day 'Visualize your career path', that through talks to raise awareness of public resources to support job search and entrepreneurship and microencuentros with companies have been aimed at encouraging the creation of jobs and business ideas in Cuevas del Almanzora and its region. At the opening of the conference attended by the territorial delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa, and the mayor of Cuevas del Almanzora, Antonio Fernández Liria, who they have encouraged attendees to use the knowledge and opportunities that have emerged in this event.

'Visualize your career path' it has been organized by the Center for Business Development Support (CADE) Cuevas del Almanzora, belonging to Andalusia Emprende turn-entity attached to the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge-, in collaboration with the Andalusian Employment Service, of the Department of Employment, Business and Trade, through the Employment Office Huércal Overa, and Cuevano City Hall, and it has taken place in the Municipal School of Music and Dance in Cuevas del Almanzora.

The day, developed using a novel format, It has allowed direct contact with the speakers attendees, they have informed more personalized way on issues such as public resources made available to citizens to seek employment or start a business project, keys recruitment in companies or how an entrepreneur can raise their activity according to the current market situation.
Speaking, Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa said that "these days we visualize that in this region there are such almeriense employment opportunities and entrepreneurship that public administrations must promote, putting for it the most favorable conditions ". "We have to get all the talent, creativity and innovation is in our inland areas to overcome obstacles that may arise in principle be in a rural setting, highlight the benefits and values ​​of that environment and turn them into opportunities ", has added.

For his part, Antonio Fernández Liria stressed that this action "is part of the package that the city of Cuevas del Almanzora carried out to encourage and promote employment in our town, which is so necessary ", and after announcing that already considering the possibility of repeating the day due to the great acceptance that has had, He said that "we will devote much effort to have good understanding with companies in the municipality so that they have our young people."

Development of the day
The first part of the meeting was focused on two papers, 'Know the key services of your working life', in which technicians have participated CADE, the shuttle Andalucía Emprende, SAE and the Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora; and 'Do you know how to use all your skills?’, given by Fernando Sánchez Ruzafa, de Knowmad Center, a company dedicated to advising on the development of tools and techniques for personal improvement, group or business through tailored training, cooking workshops or coaching and emotional intelligence for children and adults.

In the second part they have been made dynamic employment and entrepreneurship, that they have been carried out through two rounds of microencuentros, of employment, on job profiles, Channel selection or job interviews, among other, and other entrepreneurial, in which participated members of Velez Rubio shuttle, and José A. Navarro Flores, Agricultural company Navarro de Haro, SL., Arturo Peris Barber, The Brico warehouse Almería, and the Hotel Valle del Este Golf Spa. In the round of venture have intervened Salvador Guevara Campoy, de la empresa Energy Wind Solutions, Ginés Carmona Baraza, Terraza Carmona, Maria Caparrós Latorre, Voss Flamenco, Matias Gomez Cervellera and Alberto José Ramos Urea, SAT The Guiraos, and Rafael Úbeda Ramal, Oil Castillo de Tabernas, who they have addressed issues such as the definition of entrepreneur, customer knowledge, market conditions, Reinventing product or brand building.