Cuevas Board and City Council analyze a joint action plan for the House of Luis Siret


Technicians of the Department of Culture will assess the needs of the mansion after the ruling that enabled the Board to recover.

The territorial delegate of Culture, Tourism and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía, Alfredo Valdivia, the mayor of Cuevas del Almanzora, Antonio Fernández and the Councillor for Culture and Tourism, Indalecio Modesto, They have held this morning a working meeting during which have discussed an action plan which was set in the last home of Luis Siret, after the execution of the sentence that has allowed the Andalusian recover this building owned.

Valdivia has visited this property in the neighborhood of Las Herrerias the municipality Cuevano. This is the palace where the Belgian engineer Luis Siret "precursor preshistórica research in Andalusia and internationally renowned" lived

The delegate found that there are still many pieces of furniture and objects to dislodge the house, the need for thorough cleaning and some improvements, as well as clearing and cleaning of gardens and access areas and apparently good condition of the structure of the property.

Both politicians agreed that experts from the Provincial Delegation of Culture perform the work necessary to verify the actual state of the building later to make improvements and / or reforms and that the City assume the cleaning of the surrounding.

They have also determined that the final destination of the building will be coordinated between local and regional governments and will result in a detailed agreement collect the details and creating a future foundation or other figure that includes monitoring agreed.

After the meeting, Valdivia has praised the "excellent cooperation and willingness of the Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora to jointly address the future and definitive solution to the property of Luis Siret, owned by the Government of Andalusia ".

House Luis Siret

The building was rehabilitated by the Ministry of Culture of the Andalusian, The performance, the total amount was 297.539 euros, It involved the restoration and rehabilitation thereof for use as temporary residence and work area for archaeologists, painters and artists in general. the original volume of the building was recovered and the interior space is distributed according to the new needs.

The set consists of three buildings: the residence building, the conference room and warehouse and workshop building.

The first one has a built surface 371.38 square meters and after restoration, It has an interior layout that clearly differentiates two zones: the living room and in the library are located, the looker, the living room, the kitchen, the office, pantry and toilets and rest area comprising six bedrooms and three bathrooms. It has two main entrances are located faced in a large hall from which you access the distributors of the two zones.

The building that houses the multipurpose room (on the ground floor) and stores, on the top floor, It has a built surface 103 square meters and its first use, before the intervention of the Board in the property, was the stables and dovecotes.

Last, Workshop building (Guardian housing above and chapel) has 124.22 m2 and houses, in addition to the workshop with direct access from the outside with a large gate, an office, a warehouse and a toilet.

The set also includes the garden area and access to housing where they intervened running a perimeter fence, retaining walls on the roadside and clearance.


In February 2004 the Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora informed the Delegation of Culture about its intention to create a foundation that would house a School of Contemporary Art. They believed that the house of Luis Siret was the ideal place to house the headquarters of the Foundation and the residence of the architect of it as a series of works lasted proposed, so the building would be guarded and well attended. Therefore it requested the use of the house during the course of the work.

The Board authorized the City of Cuevas del Almanzora to use the building for the purpose proposing, "For the time necessary to carry out the work proposed, and the City Council is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the building in perfect condition. This authorization is provisionally, while there is no formal transfer of the property to the City, and therefore it may be suspended by the Ministry of Culture in case of need, or use other than the authorized ", It stated in the letter sent to City Hall.

Later, January, 2005, City Hall reported that discrepancies had arisen between the team members had to draft the Workshop School of Contemporary Art and the architect who was occupying the house of Luis Siret, under the provisional authorization made at the time the Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora, He had been left out of the team, so I had no sense to continue to reside in the property.

Since then, the Department of Culture urged to this architect, Van der Burch, to leave the property, leaving it in the same condition it was in when you took, with notice that, otherwise, Appropriate legal action would be exercised, as eventually it happened.

Last 29 October became effective recovery of Luis Siret house by the Andalusian after completion of legal action.