The Board opened the new pavilion in Albox Francisco Turrets, with an investment of 648.000 euros.

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía, Luciano Alonso, This has opened new Sports Pavilion Saturday Turrets Francisco Sánchez in the Secondary School (IES) Martín García Ramos, in Albox (Almería), representing an investment of 648.000 euros, financed by the regional government and the city of the municipality under a collaboration agreement between the two institutions.

In a statement, Alonso, who was accompanied by the mayor of the town, Rogelio Mena (PSOE), the delegate of the Junta de Andalucia in Almeria, Sonia Ferrer, and territorial delegate of the Ministry, Isabel Arevalo; noted that the work has involved the construction of a sports hall, built on a plot with irregular topography staggered, allowing the formalization of a new facade, that “renews the image of the center”. The floor area is 1.352 square meter.

The plot is home to the pavilion and an outdoor sports area, is rectangular and is formed by a sports track 23,58 by 44,06 meters, suitable for the practice of handball, basketball and volleyball. Downstairs, a hall are located, costumes, nursing, toilets and store and upstairs, with separate access, audible public.

The Minister stressed that this equipment has a dual purpose that is “improve and encourage physical exercise among school downtown and also promote accessibility to sport for all citizens of Albox”, inasmuch as “use not only be academic and the doors of the new pavilion will be open for the rest of the population, belonging or not to the educational community, from the 18,00 hours”.

“The sport involves the acquisition of social values ​​and is an important and solid foundation for the comprehensive development of school”, Alonso has stated, who has stated that “the sport in school is a key and essential part in the Andalusian sports gear system”. In this manner, He has insisted that “implementation and development represents an investment of present and future for society in the two basic pillars of the welfare state –education and health–“, as “instills positive social values ​​in the age of formation of personality, while greatly contributes to the improvement and efficiency of the Public Health”.

According to the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, “introduce the sport in schools aims to contribute to the increase in sport school of Andalusian making physical activity occupies a prominent place in schools favoring the promotion of healthy lifestyles”.

A su juicio, this project “will promote the improvement of programs for school-age athletes and consolidated” and “will implement new measures to increase and universal youth sports Andalusian, in line with the provisions of the Plan Sports School Age of Andalusia”.


The new sports hall is one of the 98 performances in sports infrastructure undertaken by the regional government in the province of Almería through different agreements, with a total investment of “almost 27 million”, of which “provided the Andalusian 14 million”. This investment has been made in proceedings 20 covered pavilions, 14 pools, 11 soccer fields and 24 Outdoor sports courts, other facilities.

Since 2008, in educational infrastructure, excluding Plan Careers in Andalucia (OLA), the Board has indicated that have been made in the province “total 270 works, with a total investment of 113,5 million”. As for the OLA Plan, in the province of Almería develop “total 76 works with a total budget of 26,5 million”, of which “there are a total of 42 Completed, 16 construction, seven and eleven in project procurement, namely, “the 85,5 percent of the actions of the Plan are implemented”.

Also, He added investments in equipment, posed “total 43,47 EUR million invested since 2008”, furniture both, educational and sports equipment, and computer equipment –PC and laptop, whiteboards, technological installations–, specific material for Vocational Training and Specialised Education, inter alia. This requires an investment from 2008 in the province of Almería a total of 183,47 million in educational infrastructure.

(Europa Press)