‘Juana, the prisoner ’theater to reflect on different types of violence against women

PURCHENA. The Federation of Women's Associations of Almanzora for Equality (FEMAXI) presents a theatrical adaptation of the life and work of Juana Primera de Castilla that history universalized as Juana La Loca and not for example as 'Juana La Prisionera' as the monologue starring the actress Mar Galera and financed by the Andalusian Institute of the Woman of the Ministry of Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation of the Junta de Andalucía.

The Federation of Women of Almanzora seeks to deepen through this story about the different forms of violence to which Juana de Castilla was subjected throughout her life "is one of so many women to whom history has denied her true voice, the fact that it is so well known by the general public is an opportunity to reflect on the violence and social pressures that women have suffered, especially those that were outside the norm imposed by a patriarchal system that reaches our days ”.
Remedios Serrano, Femaxi president recalls that the adjective 'crazy' has always been the first one that has been said to a woman when she wants to be silenced or when women have been breaking glass ceilings and advancing in actions that were traditionally reserved for men. Be a future queen, ready, cultured, Bella did not exempt you from suffering the consequences of a deeply macho society where her husband Felipe El Hermoso, he constantly betrayed her by sleeping with every woman he wanted. She was furious because she demanded a respect that she was not given. Not as a woman, nor as queen, nor as a wife. When her husband died, Juana claimed the throne of Queen of Castile to which it was destined but King Fernando, his own father, I did not want Juana to reign. She feared that she would remarry and have a man to support her in the fight for the throne so there are new versions of the story that it was all the conspiracies for power that led to her being locked up by her own father. His son Carlos V, emperor and king of Spain when he went to visit her and she “graciously yielded” the power, although the new investigations support another version closer to the idea that he forced her to sign and left her locked up.

The Femaxi theater tour in Purchena on 7 July at 22:00 hours in the Plaza de España, It represents the premiere of a project that began to be devised more than a year ago and that has other complementary activities such as a photographic exhibition that seeks to indicate “the urgency of putting the focus and socially and economically revaluing all the work and those who carry out 'care'. because all of us have been or are going to be dependent in our lives as well as ecodependent so the future undoubtedly happens to put life and nature at the center of all policies and in the consciousness of a citizenry that must be more active never".