Spanish youth, Italian, Polish and Romanian converge in the Purchena 9 to the 16 July

Image of previous youth exchanges in Purchena.

Image of previous youth exchanges in Purchena.

At a time when the idea of ​​a strong and united Europe is weakened, Youth Association Illipula Purchena (Spain), the Foundation Center Creative Activity of Leszno (Poland), Asociación Support for Youth Development of Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and the Foundation Institute Chiari Morcelliano (Italy), in collaboration with the Youth Information Center (CIJ) City of Purchena, They will develop an exchange in this almeriense Township 9 to the 16 July, with the aim of demonstrating, through art, They are sharing a common European sentiment and ideal.

The project "Yes, We are Europe - We like Europe – Yes, we are/like Europe”, It has the approval of the European Union within the framework of the Program Erasmus+ and will bring together thirty-one young Spanish, Italian, Poles and Romanians 14 a 17 years old.

For a week, these young people will carry out various activities through which show that Europeans feel and point out what, both themselves, as youth organizations to which they belong, they can do to support Europe.

Among the activities of non-formal education to perform include the composition of a hip-hop theme, a video recording and processing of graffiti on a wall of people, where plasmarán their views on European sentiment. Later, They disseminate these artistic results in social networks, in order to give visibility and continuity to the project in other parts of the continent, as they believe that Europe is something that has and must have a future.

Finished exchange, All participants will receive a certificate Youthpass, endorsing the learning achieved with this project advised and supported by the ICJ of Purchena and the Andalusian Institute of Youth in Almería.