Conference on business internationalization in Cuevas del Almanzora

The event took place in the house Soler Bolea.

The event took place in the house Soler Bolea.
The event took place in the house Soler Bolea.

The City of Cuevas del Almanzora welcomed this morning the conference "Internationalization: Aids and practical issues "organized by the Council of Almería in collaboration with ICEX (Institute for Foreign Trade) and Cuevano consistory.

these days, that arise as support the internationalization of companies of Almeria, They were aimed at managers and those responsible for export business in the region, with great acceptance.

Councillor for Economic Development of Cuevas del Almanzora, Maria Isabel Alarcon, It was responsible for chairing the conference and welcome participants. The mayor thanked the provincial entity "Cuevas has chosen as the venue for this conference" and used to "encourage companies in the region to participate in these meetings, where you will find information and advice to launch their company to foreign markets ".

The first part of the day was devoted to subsidies that ICEX makes available to exporters, which they were presented by Cecilia Navarro Garrida, Territorial Director of Commerce and ICEX Delegate in Almería.

Following the presentation of the main helplines, Pilar Quereda Escoriza, internationalization consultant, addressed the same aid but from the point of view of management, with recommendations for application and justification. Following the practical approach that chaired the session and prompted the high participation of attendees, Raul Delgado Dueñas, the office Lealtadis, He addressed issues such as the suspensive procedures, and taxation, issues which although not directly aid may also facilitate the financing of export activity.

Business Revitalization Plans are initiatives promoted by the Department of Employment and Economic Promotion of the Provincial de Almería that aim to strengthen the competitiveness of companies in the territories to which they relate and their ability to create jobs. At present they are implemented two plans relating to the regions of Almeria and Almanzora Valley-Los Vélez. As part of these plans have been carried out a total of 7 activities focused on the implementation of new technologies, internationalization or European aid, in which they have participated more than 150 individual entrepreneurs.