Day child protection and prevention in the school environment in Vera

Felix Lopez during his speech to the agents.

Felix Lopez during his speech to the agents.

The Chief of the Local Police Vera has been the seat of the conference reserved for Tutors Agents of the District of Almeria held yesterday, with the participation of Maria Fernandez Lorenzo, drug prevention technique Provincial Drug Dependence and Addictions Service of Almería, who explained the purpose of the call for 'Agent Tutor' program "oriented local police officers who exercise the said function to prevent drug dependence in adolescents". Maria Fernandez added that this meeting is the starting point in cooperation protocols and relationships to be established with respect to agents of the local police and Drug Addiction Service.

In the opening ceremony of the conference took part the mayor of Vera, Felix Lopez, and the Councillor for Education, Maria Montoya. Both stressed the importance of having Guardians Agents given the increase in drug use among young people with the problems involved.

Tutor Agent Program is a service of the local police specialized in the promotion of children's rights, so that their intervention focuses on the field of child protection and prevention in the school environment, in close coordination with other professionals. The program is a valuable resource in municipalities to prevent or intervene in situations that may be risky for the proper development of children. The tutor agent is a member of the local police trained to prevent and address different problems that can occur in children and youth.

The Tutor Agent Program is sponsored by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, through the Government Delegation for the National Plan on Drugs and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, in the province of Almería, by the Provincial Government and the Government of Andalusia, through the Provincial Drug Dependence and Addictions Service.