Inaugurated the new premises of IES Cura Valera Huercal Overa


The Government delegate of the Junta de Andalucia in Almeria, Grace Fernandez and territorial delegate of Education, Francisca Fernández, with municipal representatives, educational, IES director Cura Valera and AMPA, They participated this morning at the opening of the renovation and expansion that the Andalusian government has made in the Secondary School (IES) Cura Valera, Huercal-Overa.

The center expansion has meant for the Ministry of Education invested 2.943.347,96 euros. The final investment work has been 2.802.521 euros, including the drafting and technical project management, corresponding 2.564.563,04 euros to the execution of work by the construction company CONSTRUCCIONES GAYGBE SL. . The new center equipment represents an investment of 140.826,96 euros.

The project was carried out by constructing a new annex building 1.699,60 square meters and complete redeployment of existing buildings. Also, the reform has led to the elimination of architectural barriers and the improvement and adaptation of urbanization. The total built center, after enlargement, it is from 6.156,40 m².

Connecting the new building to the main building it is done through the lobby Common Access, uniting in this area and providing access in the vicinity of a new elevator and a new staircase. This hall is arranged perpendicular to the main building and the new extension building, leaving a minimum separation of 6 meters. The extension building has an intermediate passage, with teaching spaces. The ground floor, the ends of the hallway is the entrance hall, in which the lift is located, the staircase and the concierge and a new space covered porch, facing the area of ​​the new sports court. First floor, the passage is also situated intermediately between different teaching spaces. The end located next to the existing building, It serves as a connection between the two buildings and classroom Arts Workshop is located. At the opposite end a new staircase and of the teaching program is located for training cycles. With respect to existing buildings, we proceeded to complete all interior remodeling, including almost all its facilities, carpentry, coatings, finishes and space distribution. A plot level, the slopes are eliminated only saved stairs, providing ramps on their main routes. It has built a new sports track 22×44 meters.

New plant

In the new building we have accommodated the following uses: lobby, elevator, stairs, hallways, concierge, 9 multipurpose classrooms, 1 Classroom workshop, 1 arts classroom, 3 seminars , 3 headquarters offices for studies, rooms students and AMPA, library, Teacher toilets, students and adapted, cleaning store and boiler room.

IES educational offerings Care Valera

The Secondary School Cura Valera has an educational offering that includes ESO, Baccalaureate, Basic training courses Training, Middle and Upper Grade Grade Family Computer, a total of 550 Students enrolled in the current course modality, distributed 28 units. The center also offers lessons for High School students and adults in a blended format with a total of 210 school places and has a specific unit of Special Education.

The school, Bilingual Spanish-English, account, also, with different programs and plans, that they are updated every year and through which addresses, the educational system, aspects of the complex social reality that can be improved through education.

These strategic programs for the Ministry of Education ranging from healthy living habits, sports schools, Environmental education, Cinema Hall. The center belongs, also, the Andalusian Network “school: Area of ​​peace” and also develops the program Enterprising Culture Innicia and programs live and feel the heritage and communicates.