Inauguration of the Historical Archive of Cuevas del Almanzora

Time of discovery of the commemorative plaque.

Time of discovery of the commemorative plaque.

File the new premises are located in the Convent of San Francisco.

The Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora has opened its Municipal Historical Archives in the Convento de San Francisco before a large audience. Mayor Antonio Fernández Liria and the Delegate of Culture Alfredo Valdivia were responsible for unveiling the plaque at the event also included speeches from the official chronicler of the city Enrique Fernández Bolea and the head of Antonia Archive Salcedo.

The mayor expressed his special thanks and made inTegra by a certificate accredited donations D. Manuel Soler Bernabe, on behalf of families and Soler Soler Soler Bernabé, canvases of the painter Andrea Giuliani and Pedro Perales Larios for donating the plane for improvement and expansion of the city of Caves 1880, works chairing the consultation room of the new Municipal Historical Archive.

As the Mayor said "the current municipal government is fully convinced that one of the best legacies of any municipal management is the recovery of our historical wealth, artistic, monumental, and as this case, documentary film. Thus, with this move we intend to improve facilities, expanding spaces for deposit documentation, with a provision of the most rational and practical funds and a consultation room exclusive, spacious and comfortable ".

Photo: José Guerrero