Archaeological Conference III "Almería, a museum open "analyze the legacy of Luis Siret


The event organized by the Institute of Studies Almeria, ‘Almería, an open air museum 'analyze the archaeological and documentary legacy Luis Siret through an intense program of activities.

The Provincial Council, through the Institute of Almería Studies, celebrates the third edition of the Archaeological Seminars' Almería, open air museum '. An initiative that will focus this time on the archaeological heritage and documentary important figure of Luis Siret.

Louis Siret Skies (1860-1934) Almería is for the memory of his prehistoric archaeological. Moved to Cuevas del Almanzora 1881, he combined with his brother Henri engineering work of archaeologist, conducting pioneering excavations in emblematic sites such as Campos, Three Cabezos and Fuente Alamo. The result of these and other excavations for 7 years in different municipalities, editan 'Early Metal Ages in the South East of Espagna' (Antwerp, 1887), the first work of scientific archeology prehistory systematizing SE Martorell being awarded the prize and the gold medals in the International Exhibitions of Toulouse (1887) and Barcelona (1888).

Until the end of his days, Luis Siret was dedicated to unraveling the past, leaving a difficult legacy to overcome. About 503 excavated sites, It grew to a rich archaeological collection consists of about 129.000 pieces donated to the Spanish State. The existing collection of documents in your file, guarded by more than 70 boxes and 18 folders, It is considered one of the most important for the study of prehistoric sites in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. Cataloging and digitization has been an arduous work done by the National Archaeological Museum (MAN) that this year he has been serving the public through the network.

Therefore, such third days will be devoted to important archaeological and documentary Siret legacy preserved in the National Archaeological Museum and known as "Siret Collection".

Days program

Wednesday 25 November
Hall of the UNED
18 a 18,30. Collecting documentation registered.
18,30 h. Inauguration and presentation of the conference by the provincial authorities, director IEA, Director of the Open University and coordinator of the same.
19 h. “The Siret Collection in MAN. A reference to the investigation of Spanish Prehistory”.
Ms. Carmen Cacho Quesada. Chief Curator of the Department of Prehistory of the National Archaeological Museum.
20 h. “The Siret Archive: document management in the Archaeological Museum for its value”.
Ms. Virginia Save Moan. Chief Curator of Documentation Department of the National Archaeological Museum.

Thursday 26 November
Hall of the UNED


19 h. “The Legacy of Luis Siret donated to the Spanish State”.
John Grima Cervantes. Historian and editor. Member of Dep. History I.E.A.
20 h. "Iberian Materials Villaricos in the Universal Exhibition in Barcelona (1929): the Siret collection through photography in black and white "
D. Juan Alberto Cano García. Archaeologist and historian of antiquity. Member of Dep. I.E.A History and Director of the IEA magazine project.

Friday 27 November
11 h. Guided tour of the funds from the Archaeological Museum of Almería by its Director, D. Arturo Ruiz Pino.

Saturday 28 November
"Itinerary landscape, siretianos territory and deposits of Cuevas del Almanzora ". directed by D Guide. Juan Alberto Cano.
9h. Departure by bus from the library Villaespesa Cuevas del Almanzora.
10-10´30h. Reception in the forecourt of the Castle by Indalecio Modesto Alonso, Councilor for Culture and Tourism of the City. Breakfast.
10´30-11´30h. Visit the Museum of the Argar (Castle Cuevas) and the water tank designed by the brothers Siret. D. Enrique Fernandez Bolea, historian and official chronicler of Cuevas. Member of Dep. History I.E.A.
11´30h. Argárico departure to the site of Fuente Álamo. D. Domingo Ortiz Soler, Director of the Historical Museum, Ethnographic and Arqueolígico Vera. Member of Dep. of Human Sciences and Society I.E.A.
13´30h. Visit the church of La Sagrada Familia Herrerias, designed and built in 1905 by Louis Siret.
14-16h. lunch.
16h. Visit the hipogeos of Villaricos (Cuevas del Almanzora) excavated by Siret. On the way home you can be displayed Luis Siret. Laura Larios Boqué. archaeologist.
18'30h. Closing of the conference by the coordinator and acting Sensi Falán in the Social Hall of Herrerias.