First Meeting of Women Huercal Overa

Great participation throughout the day.

Great participation throughout the day.

Adolfo Suarez de Huércal-Overa Municipal Park yesterday hosted the First Meeting of Women of the municipality in which he had a high participation of neighboring municipality who enjoyed a pleasant day in which there was room for coexistence associations and activity physical.

The morning began playing sports in a day inviting out because the weather was, behind it and once rallied forces women's associations in the municipality: Guadamaina, Popular women, Women Overa, fibromyalgia, Coalmama, Women of Santa Maria de Nieva, Women San Francisco and English Ladies Huercal-Overa were announced among attendees, realizing the objectives of the mimas, his career and goals.

The First Meeting of Women has been focused on the associations "because we are aware of the importance that this has, and because we wanted to pay tribute to all huercalenses women who have done it and make it happen ", said Councilwoman Equality, Belen Martinez, who added that "the City Council understand that equality policies are closely linked to women's associations, as they have a key role in maintaining meeting places, sharing concerns and promoting the visibility of the contributions of women in all areas ", pointed Councilwoman Equality, Belen Martinez.

Mayor, Domingo Fernández, the mayor of Equality, Councilwoman Social Welfare, Monica Sanchez, and Councilman Maintenance and Preservation Infrastructure and Services, Blas Sanchez, They accompanied the more than 200 attending the meeting, that after the intervention of associations enjoyed a convivial meal, where they got to know a little bit more and share experiences.

Notably, the association women's movement in the city dates back to the early 90.