Huércal-Overa launched a Strategic Plan for the Revitalization of Cultural Heritage

Day presentation.

Day presentation.

Mayor, Domingo Fernández, Councilor for Tourism, Monica Navarro, by Francisco Ramos Area Director consultancy Intelligent José Manuel Crespo Heritage and Archeology director of Intelligent Heritage, presented yesterday at the Plenary Hall of the City's Strategic Plan for the Revitalization of Cultural Heritage in the municipality through which it will value the same for tourist exploitation.

Fernandez stressed that the importance of this Strategic Plan lies in the fact that "cultural heritage is an essential component for all of us, Administration we represent have to be driving it, so we should consider it a calve element in the strategic lines of public authorities when promoting the welfare and social development ".

The purpose of this document is in the startup phase is "giving cultural heritage a key role in the development of the municipality. To get it, Nothing better, to design a strategic plan setting out the objectives and commitments necessary to achieve a revitalization of the cultural landscape in the coming years ". Similarly for proper development, should consider how culture and heritage in particular act as an engine of development, as well as the historical context of the town.

The mayor of Tourism noted that currently works at the beginning of this plan that the foundation will sit to work on lines that are effective to perceive heritage, and transfer the culture to children. We have to want a little more about us to reach more, as we are doing through Huércal-Overa Explore deprogrammed planning several routes where the huercalenses are learning various corners of the city. In Huércal-Overa we have much wealth and we will add value to the actions arising in the plan both short, as medium and long term ".
In the presentation they were announced similar cases that have made culture is the engine of economic development and Cartagena, tools useful cultural management for the revitalization of cultural heritage and the historical context of the town.

Moment and a survey that collected among others the perception of culture and knowledge that are the same are available for residents, survey is also available on the website of the City
In the event the municipal representatives were clothed by a large group of neighbors, Guilds and associations representatives who wanted to see first hand the Plan and what it will mean for the city.