Huércal Overa is its Emergency Plan

Mayor and operating components.

Mayor and operating components.

In the morning they have been constituted bodies Municipal Emergency Plan Huércal-Overa (Advisory and Information Office Committee), thus complying with the protocol established following the appointment by resolution of the Mayor of new members, as some of the previously designated no longer form part of the agencies represented.

Municipal Emergency Plan (PEM) Huercal - Overa was approved in plenary in the year 2012, to deal with general emergencies that may arise in the municipality, You coordinating the various public authorities called upon to intervene

The basic functions of PEM are: Respond to emergencies that occur in the municipality of Huércal -Overa, enable coordination and management of services, means and resources involved, optimize prevention procedures, protection, intervention and rehabilitation, allow better integration of emergency plans that are developed within the territory of the municipality, guarantee connection with planning procedures and higher level.

The Mayor and Director of Plan, Domingo Fernández, He noted that through the Constitution of the two bodies and the meeting of representatives of Operational Coordination Centre Local "establish and structure of the various institutions that are present in the Emergency Plan, with representatives of the same. The goal is to be prepared for emergencies that may succeed and to respond to them. In the plan the criteria to be followed and the various functions of the various bodies that have now formed are collected. Knowing how to respond to an emergency situation and coordination between different agencies acting is essential and can in these cases, even, save lifes. Huércal-Overa is prepared for these situations, we never expected the need to talk, but before a possible case we establish how to act ".

Fernandez explained that since the government team "continue to work for the safety of residents and visitors, a line that is marked from the beginning of our legislature with various actions such as the implementation of the Civil Protection Unit and the provision of both the physical space (seat) as the material and human resources ", taking the opportunity to thank "the great work of these volunteers" and inviting anyone who is interested to "join this great team".

Structure of the Emergency Plan has a Local Operations Coordination Center, where the direction and coordination of all operations performed, providing a link with the system of the Autonomous Administration CECOP (CECEM 112-Andalusia). It consists of the Mayor, Councilman Works and Services, Councilwoman Health, the Head of the Local Police, Local Police Officer, Chief Fire Stations, Head of Civil Protection, Northern Health Director Almeria area, and the director of Galasa.