Huércal Overa opens an office for citizen Waste Consortium

Inside the Plaza de Abastos.

Inside the Plaza de Abastos.

The City of Huércal-Overa and Consorcio Almanzora-Levante-Vélez for the provision of Collection and Treatment of Solid Waste and Agriculture have signed an agreement, signed by the Mayor Domingo Fernández and President Antonio Martínez, whereby the transfer of a space materializes in the Commercial Market Square Km 0 Office care for citizens.

Huércal-Overa and adds a service through which "we avoid travel to neighbors to make arrangements concerning. This agreement is the result of collaboration and meetings between the two institutions seeking main purpose encourage our neighbors, with both economic savings as a temporary, while we are approaching the Consortium and its functions to the same ", the first mayor pointed huercalense

The new office will open its doors next 18 and in September the same they can arrange and consultations on Monday to Thursday from 9am to 12pm

With the opening of this office Huércal-Overa expands services to residents of the municipality and the region joining both local administrations, regional and state that have dependencies in the locality.

This agreement adds to the various campaigns that the Consistory through the Department of Environment and the Consortium is being done by improving the quality and awareness among neighbors such as maintenance, cleaning containers or raising awareness among schoolchildren and the general public, inter.