History and celebrations to commemorate events that took place in the fifteenth century in Vera

Presentation at the Government Office.

The mayor veratense, Felix Lopez, together with the Councillor for Culture, Isabel de Haro, Secretary of the Association of Moors and Christians Vera, Pedro Lopez Soler, and treasurer of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows, He presented yesterday at the Government Delegation of the Junta de Andalucía the fourth edition of the festival of Moors and Christians, an act that was attended by the territorial delegate of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Alfredo Valdivia, who in his speech referred to the intense activity of tourism promotion undertaken by the City Council veratense throughout the year with an extensive and attractive tourist, from culture to cuisine, from their parties to accessible tourism.

"From the Department of Culture" exposed Alfredo Valdivia, "It appreciates that municipalities such as Vera, In addition to recovering its own history and culture, Bet to expand its tourist offer which is recovering a tradition dating 1488 and that has been held continuously since 1580 until the year 1919 ". He highlighted the Delegate of Culture, Tourism and Sports "the valuable collaboration of citizen groups and", added, "Keep in mind that the municipality of Vera will take an increasing projection, because it will deepen their knowledge and fundamentally cultural and tourist projection ", Alfredo Valdivia concluded.

For his part, Mayor Vera recalled the various circumstances that occurred Moors and Christians veratenses "until, Year 2014, a group of men and women of Vera interested in the history of their town, They give shape to a dream that become reality. Are the current Moors and Christians Vera, thanks to the Cultural Association headed by José Manuel Ramírez, a feast is celebrated in honor of the capitulations of Vera each year exceeds its objectives, by combining three facets: culture, tourism and holidays, enough attractions to visit Vera ". "This work of the Cultural Association", Félix López continued, "He has managed to recover one of our identity that is already part of our customs, these are the hallmarks of a people ", ended.

Pedro Lopez Soler, secretary of the Cultural Association of Moors and Christians Vera, He made a brief cultural and historical journey from the peaceful takeover of the city by King Ferdinand to the present. López Soler deployed an extensive study and knowledge of the history of Vera, essentially of the time currently commemorated with a parade of Moors and Christians. He pointed, on the other hand, This year the Moors and Christians in the towns of Vera and is twinned Benamaurel.

During his speech, Diego Martínez, treasurer of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows, He recalled the history of the Festival over recent years, "In which we must highlight the efforts made by the Brotherhood for the recovery of the Festivities, which it has been joined in recent years the Association of Moors and Christians ". De otro lado, He said some acts, as the traditional offering of flowers, in addition to, inter, Basketball Championships, Beach Tennis and Rhythmic Gymnastics, with cultural performances during the day of the Patron Saint.