Guadalinfo involves residents in heritage recovery projects and web promoting their municipalities

Almería, people to people.

Almería, people to people.

Guadalinfo supply centers includes more than 20 different for programming based on the public use of information and communications technology with impact on tourism activities guides. These guidelines are scheduled at least 48 occasions during the past 11 months in Almería.

With this dynamic, users of Guadalinfo centers, present in municipalities up 20.000 people, participate in the recovery of collective memory through digital image banks open; collective environmental work; physical and virtual recovery of intangible heritage (customs and traditions) or putting into creative product value, crafts and local cuisine and genuine tourist strengths of the territory through ICT strategies.

To carry out these projects, centers offer users training courses and workshops in the use of web tools such as QR codes, digital imaging, creating websites, Using podcast, augmented reality applications, workshops editing videos or creating web platforms to promote e-commerce and other training activities.

Andalusian network of social innovation, over 102 centers in the province of Almería, seeks to ensure public access to the information society and using ICT as a tool to accelerate the impact of collective initiatives of citizen participation in improving the land where they were born.

Guadalinfo creates Cantoria “Almería town to town” a large photo album, tourism and collaborative to promote the province In the net

An example of this fruitful triangle marked by citizenship, ICT training and social innovation projects is “Almería People to People”, launched late 2016 by Guadalinfo of Cantoria Center for promotion of tourism in the Almeria municipalities through social networks. On his Facebook page are shown organized into photo galleries and albums, the most characteristic corners of each town. lesser-known or popular sites for tourism, selected by their own neighbors as connoisseurs and ambassadors of their territory.

A large bank of digital images to show the diversity of attractions and points of interest in the province, which has already collected images 56 people, shared by many users and Agents of Local Innovation Network Guadalinfo. Each locality uploaded to the network between the 90 and 150 Photos, you are also retouched in various workshops organized in the center.

Nowadays, your page has more than 3.600 followers and in the case of some albums like Vélez Rubio, It was shared by almost 1.000 people. Its popularity to the project hopes to have continuity in time and take the form of website, in which images also include references and recommendations tourist gastronomy, hiking trails, cycling, night photography, festivals, etc..