Gaya closure in Vera Andaluzas the Second Conference of vocational training in which they participated 1.200 teachers

Above 1.200 teachers of different professional families, directors of centers, representatives of educational inspection, entrepreneurs and economic and social actors have participated in the Second Conference on Vocational Training, which this year are titled 'Future Strategies'.

The Minister of Education, Sonia Gaya has closed in Vera (Almería) This meeting has created "a real meeting point and reflection" of all actors involved in FP. So, They were presented 143 good practices, They have collaborated 40 panels companies dedicated to this sector, They have raised new innovation projects involving centers in different provinces and initiatives linked to the dual FP for next year.

Equally, Gaya has indicated that during the days, who they have had sessions in the eight Andalusian provinces, has obtained the information needed to design a training plan for teachers to suit the special needs of vocational education and training cycle-specific.

Speaking, the minister stressed that FP plays "a key role" in the initial qualification of young entrants to the labor market, and adults who need to re-qualify to enhance their professional development. In this sense, Sonia Gaya has argued that these teachings are a "fundamental educational tool" to suit the needs of the economy and the labor market and, also, contribute to the professional and personal development of students.

Also, the minister stressed that the FP is one of the bets of the Andalusian government that responds to the vocations of young people, It increases the competitiveness of enterprises, promotes entrepreneurship, It offers practical learning and increases economic development of countries.

The conference has worked in line with the strategic plans developed in Andalusia within the framework of the Innovation Strategy of Andalusia 2020 (RIS 3) and its eight priorities of specialization, identified as the best option to transform the current economic model into a model based on knowledge and innovation.

In this manner, in each of the conference, that they have been made in all provinces, He has worked with a group of professional families in the education system linked to each of these priorities specialization. It has been able to see first hand the needs of the company and the strategies being developed by the government within the framework RIS – 3 In Andalucia.

Visit IES Al-Bujaira

On the other hand, the minister has visited the Institute of Huércal Al-Bujaira – Overa where this course are enrolled over 900 students served by a staff composed of 75 teachers. Downtown, Bilingual Spanish-English, imparts Secondary Education, university and training.

IES plans and participates in educational projects such as Young Form, sports schools, Innicia, Reader project and it is part of the Network of Schools: Space Peace. It also offers after-school activities and school transport.