France buys most of goat milk exported Almería.

In Taberno is located a major cooperative sector in the province.

Ten companies of the dairy sector in the province of Almería, in 85 trade, have been exported between January and September this year 12,5 million kilos of products (milk and cheese), This represents an increase of 68,4% over the same period last year. For these sales, companies have checked some more 20 million, a 57% more than the same period last year, according to data from Extenda made from the last report Estacom.

Most of these sales are selling goat milk, whose value amounted 19,9 million, a 58,3% rather than 2013. La práctica totalidad del producto exportado por Almería se destina al mercado francés (the 95,1%). However, in so far this year, the Almeria companies have also set aside small amounts to four other countries: UK, Portugal, Italy and Sweden. Almería remains the third province exported more milk, after Lugo and Asturias, with a market share of 10%, as the territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz.

Although sales of cheese Almería abroad are testimonial, Almería has increased considerably this year shipments. Until September has exported more than 15.000 Product kilos, a 913% more than in the same period 2013, and its value has exceeded the 100.000 euros, a 708% more than last year. The main destination outside the cheese is sold Almería United States, acquiring the 47,1% of total; Venezuela has purchased 38,7%, and Andorra 7,5%. Other markets that buy some cheese Almeria are Panama, France and UAE

Milk production in 2013

In 2013, the livestock sector in the province was 46,4 million liters of milk, almost 1 more than one million 2012 (45,3 liters). In this production, 41,8 million liters were goat milk, while 4,6 beef were.

The value of milk of livestock Almeria last year amounted to 29,6 million liters (26,1 million in 2012). This increase was primarily due to sales of goat milk, that exceeded 28 million (24,7 million in the previous year), while on cattle milk, el sector facturó 1,6 million (1,3 million in 2012).