Signed the agreement of agency Amaya, Which affects 5.000 workers

Acting on a fire technicians INFOCA.

Acting on a fire technicians INFOCA.

The Agency for the Environment and Water of Andalusia (Amaya) and unions have signed the collective agreement of the company today, which concludes negotiations that began in the 2013, and will affect about five thousand workers.

As he reported in a statement the Ministry of Environment, This new agreement will ensure the same working conditions for 5.000 people who work at the agency, compared to the current situation where three agreements were for three different groups: Infoca, Operatives structure and the Natural Environment.

The address of the entity attached to the Ministry of Environment and Planning of the Junta de Andalucía has reached an agreement with the unions UGT, CCOO and CSIF, which represent almost 80 percent of the negotiating table.

After several years of negotiations intensified since 2015, when the ultraactividad of the three signed agreements in force at that time, It has signed the new agreement, which will allow improved management of human resources Amaya.

This organization is the largest public agency eEmpresarial the Andalusian, employing medium to 4.736 people, and in some periods, as high-risk campaign Infoco, to exceed five thousand.

The temporal scope of the agreement is three years, and it provides for an average wage increase of a 15 percent, highlighting the group of specialists applied to forest fire, for which the increase is 20 percent.

In addition to the increase for all public employees for the next three years, It has also contributed to this increase the additional funds that the Andalusian Regional Government has earmarked for a specific supplement amounting to environmental emergencies 9,2 million.

On the other hand, The agreement includes the implementation of a new working day 35 hours, against the 37,5 previous, measures to reconcile work and family life, or application Sixday freely available to all staff.

The agreement also entails, among other improvements, the definition of a new catalog of jobs, and fill vacancies by convening public employment offers annual and replacement rates between 100 and 108 percent.