Fines hosts a conference on shared knowledge driven UOC

The conference will be held at the School of Marble.

The conference will be held at the School of Marble.
The conference will be held at the School of Marble.

The 9 June municipality Fines will host the days of shared knowledge 'Almanzora Share', driven by the Open University of Catalonia (CONVENTION) and the collaboration of the Diputación de Almería.

The aim of the conference is “enrichment regarding ways to gain competitiveness and economic growth, in a space where entrepreneurs can exchange knowledge”, He said the deputy Carmen Belén López, who has also ensured that the Provincial de Almería “always work to put on the side of entrepreneurs all the tools necessary for the development of your business”.

One of the promoters of the Days' Almanzora Share’ is Sandra Sanz, Professor of Information Sciences and Communication at the Open University of Catalonia. Sanz stressed that “The main objective of the conference is to encourage and enable public institutions and private share experiences, especially in the field of employee training, from an innovative point of view and track to collaborative environments”.

The day is divided into three parts. First, It will develop a “Expert Panel, with references in the field of knowledge shared”, as Dolors Reig, social media expert and chief editor of the blog 'carapace', Jesus Martinez, driver of a collaborative working group in the Catalan public administration, Ana Maria Trivedi, expert eBranding.

Then, it will be the turn of institutions and companies, that take place “the most practical part of the day”, with interventions responsible for Innovation Cosentino, Sergio Gómez, and the head of Talent Cajamar, Emilio of the Eagle, inter alia. The idea is, according Sandra Sanz, “provide interesting experiences in management talent and in communities of practice, models around innovation in the field of training institutions”.

In the afternoon, the conference will focus on the analysis of a specific case, the development of entrepreneurship Fabian Martinez, Born in Adra, which it has gone from boxing to become “the best pizza in the world”, with three prestigious establishments in Barcelona.

Professor Sandra Sanz has also stressed that “most people involved in the day have a link with the province of Almeria or Andalucía Oriental”. Also, he recalled that the climax of the conference will be a tour of the region of the Almanzora route and the municipality of Fines.

For his part, Miguel Angel Garcia, territorial delegate of the UOC, He stressed the importance of “incorporating new players into the learning process to be sufficiently competitive to all the changes that we are coming up”.

Registration for the conference 'Almanzora Share’ They are free and, far, and there have been twenty applications, although it is expected that the number of participants in this first edition of the ronde 80 people.