The rehabilitation of the mouth of the Almanzora river between Villaricos and Palomares ends

Mouth of the Almanzora River.

Cuevas del Almanzora I have already made one of the most demanded and necessary works for safety and the environment a reality. The repair, rehabilitation and arrangement of the mouth of the Almanzora river between the coastal neighborhoods of Villaricos and Palomares has concluded, solving an important problem derived from the huge floods of the year 2012.

The action also involves keeping the river channeled at its mouth avoiding present and future risks of destruction and flooding in the event of floods or storm.

The City Council has been congratulated for the conclusion of this action, that this request began to be made already when the local government team was in opposition to the municipal corporation, since the bad state of the mouth and the channel posed a serious risk of overflows and probable accidents.

Works, which have consisted of drainage and construction of walls and piers for a fluid and channeled exit from the waters to the sea, have had a total investment of 1,4 million euros from FEDER funds managed by the Junta de Andalucía.

The farmers of Cuevas were one of the citizen groups that most demanded this action, which has been possible thanks to the collaboration between administrations. De facto, the mayor cuevano, Antonio Fernández Liria, He highlighted his gratitude and urged to continue along the lines of "collaboration between administrations" to "achieve improvements and benefits for our citizens and peoples".