Fernandez Espinosa: “I have not taken my status as a poet”

The poet Francisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa.

The poet Francisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa.

Author interview “Project for a kiss”, where he tells his doubts about the world and their role in it, poetry and creative processes of a young poet.

Being a poet who lives in rural areas can be quite severe handicap for an author who appears and disappears as if it were a game. The distance to the city where things never cease to happen can be a high price for a writer who does not fit into the usual circuit of the city of Almeria. Your bet has been the local development and regional, task that currently occupies through the design and development of cultural projects.

With hardly 21 years and published books, and it has continued despite long absences and huge existential dilemmas. He has never reneged on his work, but sometimes you need to leave it behind, in another place and in another dimension.

Francisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa (Tíjola, 1974) I is not lavish in interviews, or recitals, and fairs. It is a rapt observer on anything. He believes that poetry is a state, a way of understanding life.

Xavier, it is difficult to see appear on the literary scene almeriense. It is shyness?

– When they searched me, I've been. Not live in Almería, nor be an ongoing regular, let me out of the literary circles of the capital, which is where things happen. I chose to live in my town, and compensates me more than it seems, despite not participate in talk shows or recitals. Nor I belong to any group. I get bored pretty. I prefer friends.

Not too exhibitionist author say…

– No. I will not for the life of the author. What's between poetry and, usually it tends to be among us.

But he has already published a few books.

– probably too. The purpose is not to publish, at least for me. The publication is a result that is not always fair or necessary. I'm not a poet commercial. Nor do I pretend. This gives me more freedom, within the required submission to which you subjected poetry. It is not a relationship between equals.

Where do current production is heading?

– Lately I write very little. Step long periods without writing, although I take notes constantly. I think eventually I'll write less, because every time I encounter less sense to the process of writing for publication. We need new voices, new people who say other things and otherwise.

By his way of arguing it seems you an author in the twilight of his life, and only thirty-somethings…

– It may be in the twilight of my creative life from the public perspective. Or just felt my just one stage and feel uncertainty, or fear, to what may come.

Who admires?

– Wonder is a theoretical toll. I like how they write certain authors. I like how things have and do, especially if I turn on lights inside me. There have been two great authors who despite having met in person, Then I continued reading and following. One was Rafael Guillén and the other García Montero. I also really like what he writes my friend Francisco Domene. Around strictly literary, other figures appear as Val del Omar.

Lately it appears in front of activities and cultural initiatives. Was it a logical leap?

– not logical. Cultural management is very complicated. It's something that apparently everyone knows and few value. A Del Bosque feels the same, suffers from constant intrusion on each bar bar. On another scale, maybe with this same thing happen. Administrations are still maturing regarding cultural management, especially in rural areas. This field has been ground for deputation. Try to apply another management tool is costing a little. Hopefully work off, and that politicians allow continuity and patience to implement projects. The Almanzora deserves. It is a great county with great people. Above individualities and egos, of parties and ideologies, are people, that need to be addressed and that they are serving. Culture is also a necessity and an identifying attribute.

Is there anything left of his relationship with the Ibáñez Museum?

– Some “politicians” have ensured that no, and since there is no contact Museum.

Someday something will…

– Clear. Someday.

Do you feel hurt?

– Disappointed. This stage is behind us. It has been a bewildering and hard process, I do not want to set the interview on this matter. Nor should we forget that we are at the service of traveling and temporary characters from politics save us or condemn us life, no matter nothing but the trophy for display. Who has a dream, it has a price. Not for me to judge him.

Do you think you hear thinkers, the voices of our time?

– Undoubtedly, no. We fear envaucados teleoperadores, charlatans, preachers and media parasites that obstruct us reality. We are living a crucial time in the political maturity of our country, with a worrying international scene regarding the economic and religious. Jump alarms, Telecinco issue but prefers something else.

A good time with Francisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa, author “Beautiful lady with umbrella”, I reread the poem during any rainy afternoon, waiting for the miracle. Reflexive and close, with more scars of that account, He tells us that wants to continue trying to stay out of the literary world to use. It is a hermit tinged by passionate cosmopolitan rural areas. to say goodbye, She smiles shyly. You know anything more than what it says.

A. Yañez