Theater and painting exhibition in Vera to fight the stigma of mental illness


'Here you are not free nor God' and, thus, neither you nor anyone, suffer mental illness. De facto, one in four people, Signs of psychological disorder. So, and dressing 54 paintings of 17 authors that make up the exhibition "The song of the phoenix. Outsider art show 'that you can visit until next day 14, was presented last Friday at the Convento de la Victoria Vera 'Here it does not escape nor God', the latest literary work published by the psychologist Antonio Llaguno, a play that contributes to the struggle against the existing social stigma against people with mental illness.

In his dissertation about the book, author, Antonio Llaguno, Coordinator of Day Care Centers in the province of Almeria FAISEM (Andalusian Public Foundation for Social Integration of Persons with Mental Illness), He stressed that the work has educational and outreach nature of the onset of symptoms of some of the most common mental illnesses, while it is showing the steps to follow for those who suffer and eradicate prejudice that is on them. The title 'This is not spared neither God' refers to people suffering from mental illness are not strange people, outside our reality, they are normally known, friends or relatives, or even ourselves. In this regard we must remember what epidemiological studies shed: at least one 25% of the population has suffered, have or will suffer, mental illness. And all of them framed in a positive attitude that surpasses the old concept of healing as a goal and replaced by the recovery, that allows people suffering from mental illness have a life.

With the author's presentation by the Councillor for Culture of the City of Vera, Isabel de Haro and explaining what FAISEM and objectives by the provincial delegate Amparo Lloret, journalist and writer Francisco Lopez Barrios issued a preamble with which he made a very suggestive tour of the various vicissitudes of old, they have pointed to the mentally ill. It closed the round of interventions Mayor Vera, Felix Lopez, with gratitude to attendees and participants in the ceremony which was followed by a tour of the exhibition.

In this regard, Significantly outsider art, also known as "art brut", refers to art conducted by authors who are on the margins or periphery of official academic art. It is not necessarily an artistic style associated with psychosis, but if it relates, even tangentially, by the expression of distinct experiences. It is an art in gross state, authentic, for some it's pure art, without formal devices and represent a clear example of the artistic creativity of each of the authors.