Collective Exhibition “FotoArt” in Huércal Overa

Group components.

Group components.
Componentes del grupo FotoArt.

Villa Huercal-Overa Theatre hosts until next 8 November the exhibition "Moments of Light 2", a sample of photographers FotoArt Collective featuring color images and black and white in which recreated from landscapes of the area, Pictures, street photography, …

The councilman of Culture, Antonio Lazaro, together with representatives of the group inaugurated the exhibition in a ceremony which was attended by a group of neighbors, among whom were members of the local group of photographers CoFHo.

Lazaro invited the neighbors to know this sample consisting of the work of six artists with two connecting links "on the one hand enjoy this view through photography, and love for our land is that although five of the representatives are British by birth they are all almerienses residence and heart ". In the work "we contemplate a single discipline that has different approaches, each of the artists reflected a moment that collects light ".

Meanwhile Emilio Aramburu, representante de FotoArt, thanked the City "the opportunity it gives us to be able to exhibit at this unique facility in the region" and wished the visitors who pass through the sample "to enjoy these works that try to reflect the way we look through our camera ".

El Colectivo FotoArt

FotoArt Collective is a group of six friends, with different origins, who joined through their love for photography. Formed by David Beatson, Elaine Palmer, Emilio Aramburu, Howard Dickson, John Michael, and Rob Palmer.

Each of them enjoys the challenge of trying to capture the beauty and character of the people, culture and landscapes of this corner of Andalusia, while they are continuing the search for new places to explore and new bars to reflect on the most important things in life with a coffee, a wine or beer.

Providing his own unique vision and approach to photography. Their skills and knowledge of technical and artistic means are shared and used for the benefit of all.

Class members can boast of adding a complete photographic experience over 250 years old! After all this time, the thrill of them all still find that perfect image, the extraordinary in the ordinary, that freshness of vision, That moment of light!