EXPANHOUSE S.L. Huercal-Overa develops a system recognized by UNESCO

The system saves up 50% Water and fertilizer.

The system saves up 50% Water and fertilizer.

La iniciativa “Bringing tech&science closer to people "sponsored by UNESCO and 70 institutions and media, among which are HBR, CANAL+, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC y TECHHUB, aims to be an international showcase to increase the visibility of innovation projects. Projects that can improve the lives of people in different areas such as health sciences, Energy, transport or new materials.

Within 250 Selected projects worldwide, they find each other 6 Spanish people. One of them belongs to the province of Almería, EXPANHOUSE developed by S.L.. Huercal-Overa.

This company Almeria lift, motivated by the huge problems in the food industry that are being generated globally with water shortages, They decided to develop a solution: An irrigation system can save up to 50% water and fertilizer about risks for traditional drip.

The irrigation model patent and requested, also he wants to respond to growing urban farming. A culture that is spreading in cities around the world and is burdened by prices of domestic water consumption. very high prices when compared to those paid in rural areas.

The project, that is marketed under the brand PermeaPod, is based on small deposits of porous ceramic material buried with roots that release water as needed plant.

The immediate advantages of the system are virtually eliminated evaporation and infiltration in the soil to reduce almost to zero. Due, the surface of the ground remains dry, pests and weeds are reduced, thus saving labor, pesticides and herbicides.

Bene fi plants you are directly ated the removed water stress. At all times, the roots have the water they need, pulling it out of the tank by capillarity, thus avoiding excessive watering moments or fi citario.

The system is self-regulating without resorting to heavy investment in sensors or other technologies. Deposits can be connected to networks existing drip to minimize installation costs.

Within the initiative "Bringing tech&science closer to people "will select a winner for each category by popular vote. Anyone can cast their vote for the project almeriense entering the web address https://interne.st/closertopeople/project/permeapod/ to help them become one of the fi nal winners.