United States authorizes the reopening of the Spanish market for peppers

Crops in the Almanzora Valley.

Crops in the Almanzora Valley.
Crops in the Almanzora Valley.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment has received the official communication from the United States Department of Agriculture for the importation of peppers from Spain is authorized. An authorization Inspection Service Plant Protection and Animal US (APHIS-USDA) He has published on its website.

The publication of the rule closes an intense negotiation process between both Administrations, which began in December 2015, after interruption of exports of peppers on that date for phytosanitary reasons.

After the market close, and immediately, experts from the Ministry and the Board of Andalusia visited the affected greenhouses and proceeded to the review of compliance with the required export and protocol conditions, in collaboration with producer and exporter industry, to gather all the information required by the US Inspection Service.

The exchange of technical information between the Ministry and APHIS concluded, the middle of last November, with a visit of a delegation of US technical Inspection Service, in which it became clear the robustness and reliability of the control system and phytosanitary certification in Spain, As he indicated by the APHIS own.

Ministry software application for managing import and export CEXVEG (Foreign Trade Plant), It has been an element particularly valued by the US Inspection Service during the visit, as a key element of control and management that gives confidence in the system control and phytosanitary certification of Spain.

The trust between the two administrations, and the results achieved with this and other visits by US authorities inspection, They have highlighted the seriousness of the Spanish management system and export certification, and its ability troubleshooter to continue offering the phytosanitary security required.


The previous campaign organization of export by the Ministry, relying on the efforts and collaboration of region and industry, has made after official approval are possible immediately exports in the current campaign. So, although the period of authorized export comprises 1 Dec. 30 April, is the month of December and part of January the period with more interest for the export sector.

The importance of exports of peppers from Spain in the US is qualitative, It is a strategic market with high demands, It is maintaining a stable situation for years with an average of about export 3000 tonnes.