Hope in “The Base”

Cuban romantic poet José María Heredia wrote: "More contrasted the oak / by inclement hurricane / lowered his haughty forehead / allowing himself to be stripped". Poetry is presented again as the thread that connects the chronicle with sadness. Just a few months ago, we attended the definitive expiration of the “La Poza del Marchal del Abogado“, which succumbed to the insistence of the snows of the temporary past that covered the Sierra de Los Filabres.

If a snow year is an asset year, nature continues its relentless course without attending to the pardon of those who have witnessed the remote years and made us aware of the importance of carrying a legacy. Francisco Giménez Sola he remembers with affection and admiration the treatment and advice he received from his grandmother Julia. On his shoulders fell 80 Hectares of 350 who made up the farm "The Rowan", feeling honored as heir to a patrimony that roots him without fear of Serón. Heritage issue is also the natural, in this case heritage that enhances our peoples. In 2016 the plenary of the Serón City Council unanimously applied for all political parties with municipal representation, so that the oaks of "The Base" and “El Marchal del Abogado” were recognized as Natural Monument. Bureaucracy is slow and anachronistic, positively manifesting the Andalusian the 29 April 2019.

During this period, the health of both oaks was worsening, no visible coughing attacks but with serious scars due to lack of specialized care and inclement natural environment. They became a tourist attraction. Everyone wanted a photo under "La Peana" ignoring any principle of sustainability and respect for private property, who did not have the means to regulate the arrival of buses with Sunday passengers. Francisco was worried. The joy of generously offering his legacy and sharing it with everyone, became sleepless nights and disagreements in solitude. The largest tree in Andalusia also caused great headaches, in search of a formula that allowed his survival along with the possibility of being able to admire his greatness. If Julio Alfredo Egea had its sabina, I would like to have me encina. The bridges that poetry builds are magical.

After the snows that beat her sister from Marchal, the symptoms of deterioration were already alarming. "La Peana" resisted without knowing how much strength he had left. Francisco and the Serón City Council got down to work. Then the alerts spilled over the social networks. The Mediterranean Ecological Group took action on the matter, causing a meeting with the provincial leaders of theMinistry of Environment covered in the seriousness of the matter. The signatures arrived, the articles, the televisions that at last made visible in a serious tone the anguish to save the oak. Voices also emerged saying it was just a tree. That it wasn't so much. Surely, it could be the same uncivic people who littered trash around them every time they visited to swing from their branches. The ones that have
right to everything. Those who do not know what is the Agenda 2030, network Natura2000 or the program Life+.

We remain anchored in a mistaken ideal of heritage. In addition to churches we have nature. In the Almanzora the natural and intangible environment is of remarkable relevance. I also talk about the sources that must be kept for the common interest and the benefits offered by the mountains. Of the trees that have lived with us in the villages.

Every time a tree dies, our civilization loses a root. We should be a region that thinks green and join efforts and sustainable initiatives, consistent with our past and present, in order to maintain hope in the management of natural resources that keep small farmers alive, ranchers and other freelancers who fight for the day to day. How did our parents and their parents. Progress is also a matter of memory.

The oak of "La Peana" needs us even if we stop its death. Then responsibility and coherence will come. If today I could make a wish, would this.

Francisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa.