Team Vera Government and Unions open the door to new municipal RPT

Image agreement.

Image agreement.

Mayor Vera, Felix Lopez, Municipal Councillor and delegate of Staff, Alberto Clemente, and representatives of the various unions with municipal representation, UGT and CSIF, They have signed yesterday the document, He expressed as Alderman Personnel, "It is the one that will support the future agreement and new organizational structure of the City of Vera and related jobs. In this document we have just signed are represented all employees of the City: staff work and staff ".

The first contact between the team veratense municipal government and unions for the start of the negotiation process Relationship of Jobs, RPT, It occurred in last December. "This is a project of the Department of Personnel", Alberto explained Clemente, "And that both the Mayor, as members of the government team fully supported because it was necessary to update the previous RPT dating from 2003 ". "In these years so far", Staff commented Councilman, "There have been many changes and what we have proposed is the organizational restructuring, and provide mechanisms for mobility and flexibility to work in different areas of the City, In addition to possible internal promotion, ultimately, management staff according to the needs of services and performance requirements for each position, and its retributive character ".

Management to develop the new RPT Vera City Council has been entrusted to the company Public Management Consultants, considered among the leading consulting and specialized advice on legal issues- administrative and, in particular, on Public Procurement and Public Service. Expert professionals from public sector firm provide specific solutions to the reality of the City of Vera, through personal questionnaires have filled all workers on a voluntary and anonymous. They have also been used two days briefings by an excellent professional company that clearly explained the difference between positions and squares, the civil rights, obligations. From elsewhere, They have kept and maintained numerous meetings with the government team, with unions and with all the media and senior officials of the institution.

For his part, Mayor Vera, Felix Lopez, He made it clear at the time of the signing that "this is a document produced by professionals. It comes to mark the spirit of this government team regarding respect, trust and, above all, the dignity of all workers of the City Council ". Félix López noted the value of new RPT "that dignifies the work of a public servant". "This protocol will mark a before and after in labor relations, social and personal of all ", He concluded.