Meeting between the British vice-consul and Almeria municipalities to treat enumeration.

Zurgena Township has hosted this 18 June, an inter-county match between Almeria responsible for municipalities and the British vice-consul in Andalucia, Ceuta y we, Rosslyn Crotty. The event, to which they have gone about thirty attendees including mayors and councilors of municipalities in different regions of the province, has served for the vice consul forward some of the key on the importance of registration of citizens of British origin in their seats.
Sample the need to encourage the registration of citizens in the municipalities was the data provided by the representative of the British Government. Of the approximately 350.000 Residents of British origin in the autonomous community, time solo 40.000 some people have been registered in their respective municipalities. "Something is wrong", expressed the vice consul during his speech.
In looking for solutions to alleviate this situation, Consulate Malaga and municipalities have shared ideas and initiatives that encourage entry in the records of British citizens. At this point, have been proposed many initiatives already implemented in some municipalities of Almeria as the implementation of different advantages in the use of municipal services to residents or those registered good communication that serves to transmit information related to the importance of registration for assistance in basic services and primary and, inter alia, The healthcare system.
The meeting, held in the historic Renfe station in the neighborhood of La Alfoquía, it has lasted more than three hours in which the vice-consul has dialogued closely with representatives of fifteen government. In addition to the registration, has analyzed the need for greater collaboration between local institutions and the Consulate itself or issues as holding activities to promote greater integration of citizens with the native population.

Meeting with the Municipal Corporation
So prior to meeting with Almeria municipalities represented, Zurgena Municipal Corporation headed by its mayor, Luis Diaz, has held a first meeting in the premises of the Town Hall. Councilman thanked his presence "to all municipal officials and members of the British Council" and, especially, the vice-consul, Rosslyn Crotty, for "his special kindness and attention shown throughout the day". For his part, the vice-consul invited attendees "to visit the Consulate" whenever they want, thanking present policymakers and the City of Zurgena, which has valued "their organization and hospitality".
The contact of the inter-county meeting served to strengthen ties between local governments and the Consulate of Great Britain in Málaga, assuming the beginning of a collaboration that will be continued in the coming days with shipping to municipal representatives of a dossier with the main conclusions and points are taken from the event.