Meeting with young people of Zurgena to trace projects for next year

Meeting between young people from Zurgena to design future projects.

Meeting between young people from Zurgena to design future projects.

Twenty young Zurgena have held a very special Christmas meeting. For one day they have left aside the strictly festive celebrations to meet with councilors of the City of Zurgena responsible for Culture and Youth, Lola García and Francisco López.

In a hall decorated Christmas so very full, the members of the municipal government received the young neighbors, with those who tasted traditional sweets of these festivals although the main reason for the meeting was another: drawing up projects for next year that offer young people even more activities and leisure opportunities that keep them away from bad habits as well as cultural proposals

The young people conveyed their concerns and wishes for a future to the councilors, jointly studying the needs for their academic and work future (training courses, internships in companies ...) as well as leisure proposals, sports and cultural activities such as organized trips for next year. “It is the first time that we have held a meeting of this type and the truth is that it has been very constructive. They have taught us without intermediaries what their main concerns are and we have taken good note to try to translate them into future projects and municipal initiatives ", Lola García explained, Councillor for Culture.

Francisco Lopez, the other mayor present at the meeting, has stated that “the meetings that the Government team is holding these days with different groups such as businessmen and young people are allowing us to have an even more exact idea of ​​our needs, virtues and points where we must continue working next year, so we can only thank you for your assistance ".