In September the road safety works of the A-332 will begin, Cuevas del Almanzora

Antonio Fernández, by the CEO and entrepreneurs.

Antonio Fernández, by the CEO and entrepreneurs.

The delegate of Public Works and Housing in Almeria, Joaquín Jiménez, accompanied by the mayor of Cuevas del Almanzora, Antonio Fernández, It has met with entrepreneurs of the industrial estate the Pocico to inform them of the works of road safety the Government of Andalusia begin in September on the A-332. The intervention has already been tendered by 1,45 million euros and an implementation period of eight months and the forecast is that can be awarded in summer, once the bids are evaluated to 15 May.

Entrepreneurs who attended the meeting are mainly fruit and vegetable exporters and Jimenez has explained that "the new crossing at different level will allow its fleet of large vehicles making turns and displacements with all the guarantees of road safety", considering that "the heavy traffic passing along this road rather complicated intersection that will be saved with the work". The A-332 has currently an average intensity of 5.000 daily vehicles.

The work will take place in the section between kilometer points 9,1 and 13 and consist of the construction of a link to a different level in km 11 of this route, allowing all movements safely in this environment, where most of the industrial activity of the municipality is concentrated. Works with existing access to this industrial zone will be reshuffled and turns will be avoided to the left.

Prior to the tender, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing began last September with the process of expropriating land necessary for the execution of work. Carry out expropriations prior to the tendering of the works enables land to be available once the works are awarded. Also, the surface is optimized to expropriate, decreasing the third condition, always respecting the parameters established by the regulations drawn road. The total area is expropriating 25.931 square meters and at different levels it is mainly located in the area of ​​the future link environment, at Kilometer 11 of this route.

This performance improvement of road safety is part of the collected actions within the ERDF operational program for Andalusia 2020.