Launched a program in Almeria that allow companies accredited as 'Young innovator'.

Twenty almerienses entrepreneurs involved in organized way within this initiative, which was inaugurated yesterday by the Deputy Director General Development of the Business Innovation MINECO, Luis Cueto.

The School of Industrial Organization (EOI), in collaboration with the Network of Andalusian Technology (RETA), have been launched in Almería 3rd edition of the "Young Innovative Company", allowing SMEs with less than 6 years old in activity credited as Young Innovative Company (IF) at national level.

As part of this program is scheduled to hold these courses in the eight Andalusian provinces, that will be aimed at technical and managerial personnel of SMEs by activity, its products or services, processes, management or their business models have significant technological and innovation base.

The third course is held within this program, in which twenty employers in the province of Almería involved, was inaugurated yesterday in the Pythagorean Building, headquarters of the Science and Technology Park of Almería (PITA), by Luis Cueto Álvarez de Sotomayor, Deputy Director General Development of the Business Innovation of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, who has been in charge of both the opening and of course provide the first class.

The course to be accredited as Young Innovative Company's objectives is to provide the necessary training for SME managers and innovative technological basis for effective strategic direction and management of these businesses; development, by these managers, with the necessary advice of consultants, business plan oriented certification as Young Innovative Company and achieve official certification as JEI.

To participate in the course and getting certified, besides being technical or managerial staff of SME, must meet the requirements of Young Innovative Company, among those found to be an SME with less seniority to 6 years old; research expenditures have, development and innovation representing, at least, the 15% of the total expenditure of the company during the previous two years, or the previous year when it comes to companies less than two years; foreign share ownership or less 25% and have independent executive positions, not being able to be CEO, manager, etc., other organizations, unless they are other JEI.

The course lasts 216 hours divided between classroom hours (total 48) and hours of tutoring and preparation of a business plan (168 hours).

Once the company has received training and mentoring and has submitted its business plan, starts its certification. For this, will have a tutor who will guide you to prepare all the documentation necessary for submission of the application to be certified as a Young Innovative Company, thus complying with the provisions of the Law on Science, Technology and Innovation.

So, in this course, participating companies that are selected and who performs it will be the first of Spain, in addition to receiving training that the new rules will require proof, may receive the first accreditations as JEI (for they will have to overcome to be held free audit of your business plan)

The program, which is free to participants, is cofinanced by Fondo Social Europeo el, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism Network Andalusian Technology (RETA), and sponsored by the Ministry of I D i, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

More on RETA

Network Andalusian Technology (RETA) is a private non-profit organization established in April 2005 whose mission is coordination of the main actors of regional innovation system. RETA has currently a total of 53 associated, found among scientific technological parks, Andalusian technology centers and the European Business and Innovation, inter alia.

More on EOI

The School of Industrial Organization (EOI) It is a foundation of the state sector under the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism whose mission is to train professionals in a new model of collaborative leadership that combines entrepreneurship, creative and innovative spirit and willingness to cooperate. EOI is the dean of Spanish business schools and has about 60 year history by training managers and business managers in Spain in the fields of industry, environment, innovation, new technologies and knowledge management.