The tenth anniversary of the death of Pedro Gilabert, in the 'I Days of Cultural Heritage Arboleas'

As a novelty, this year, Arboleas City Council will establish the "First Conference on Cultural Heritage in Arboleas", which will be dedicated, on the one hand, the 'Tenth Anniversary of the death of Pedro Gilabert' and, another major, as it is the 'performances Roman Mina lazuli Especularis of Higuerales'. Organized events will be held during the days 21 and 22 September in the auditorium of the Museo Pedro Gilabert. "This year we have seen that we have two reasons to coincide solemn in these cultural events. Our priority is to raise awareness and, at the same time, spread the deserved importance of our heritage as a tourist value in both local and regional economy ", explains the mayor of the Consistory, Cristóbal García.

De facto, the 'I Days of Cultural Heritage Arboleas' will be released on 21 September and they will be carried out by the actions being carried out in the Roman Mine speculum. However, and, as he pointed to the mayor, "A picture is worth a thousand words"; so from the local entity it has organized an open day, which will offer guided visits to the mine, of 30 minute, each shift and group 15 people. Those interested in participating in this exciting experience will have to register in the city of Arboleas. Also, It has reserved a space for those visiting media who wish to participate in this activity.

"Although, the work being carried out at the mine have not yet finalized, we think it is very interesting to show to all who are interested advancing them and the state found, Tourism and projection you want to give. Remember that recently is being processed as BIC, appearing already in the General Catalog of Andalusian Historical Heritage ", detailing the mayor.
The same day, to 16.30 hours, the mayor of the Consistory of Arboleas, Cristobal Garcia is responsible for officially opening the event. Also, initially, It is planned the opening of the conference by the delegate of Culture and Tourism, D. Alfredo Valdivia. Then, on 16.50 hours, Presentation of the Tourism Project Mine borne by the territorial delegate: Knowledge, Trade and Employment, D. Miguel Ángel Tortosa. At 17.00 hours, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy the screening of the documentary "The Mystery of the Giant Crystals' Juan Manuel Garcia Ruiz and Javier Trueba. At 17.45 hours, the conference will end with the conference: 'Heritage and tourism interventions in the mines of Lapis Specularis of Arboleas', who will give Maria Jose Fernandez and Juan Carlos Guisado.

According to the schedule, The second day is held on 22 September and it will be devoted exclusively to 'X anniversary of the death of Pedro Gilabert'. Cristóbal García will be in charge of welcoming and inauguration, to 10.00 hours.

Later, the delegate of Culture and Tourism, Alfredo Valdivia, He will be responsible for officially opening the event. about 10.30 hours, It will screen a documentary by Pedro Gilabert, which will be complemented by the slide show event.

However, the most emotional part come about 11.00 hours with the intervention of several friends Pedro Gilabert, that narrate their different experiences and anecdotes. Then, will take place the appointment of adoption of Arboleas by Pablo Aparicio, town clerk, and will proceed to the delivery of different gifts. Subsequently adopted children will move to Natal Slum Pedro Gilabert to discover street signs with their names. To return to the museum and to taste a paella in good company. "We want to invite all neighbors to participate in the different activities that we have prepared. These days are an example of the strong commitment of the government team of Arboleas with the heritage and culture; as dynamic elements of both the economy and the promotion of our town. Just we hope it is the first edition of the following ".