The 'VI International Natural Stone’ celebrates over 150 business meetings in Almería


A total of 164 business meetings were held between 16 Andalusian companies and eleven international players from ten countries participating in the VI International Meeting `Stone Natural', expiring on 6 November in Macael (Almería), and organized by the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, through Extend-Promotion Agency of Andalusia Exterior.

The territorial delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment of the Junta de Andalucía in Almería, Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa, It has opened the business meeting with the president of the Association of Marble of Andalucia (AEMA), Antonio Sanchez Tapia.

Also, international delegation consists of eleven players from Germany, Brazil, Chile, UAE, France, Morocco, Mexico, U.S., Peru and Poland.

Export growth

Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa has ensured that the export data “show that the foreign market is still key to the recovery and growth of the natural stone sector” and in this regard stressed that between 2009 and 2014 “international sales have more than doubled and tripled exporters”.

As for the last data, between January and August 2015, reflect an increase of 40,4% up 213 million, the corresponding 98% the province of Almería, ranking it as the leader of Andalusia in this activity, with growth of 41% until August. Also, as he indicated by the delegate, sales have grown 18 of the 20 Main markets, with significant increases in the United States (41%), UK (80%) and Australia (106%).

“These figures have to encourage companies to continue to insist on the lines of work that will allow them to be more competitive, grow and create jobs: the consolidation of the international market reach while emerging destinations, and increasing the added value of their products through R & D, design and differentiation” Lopez added Tortosa, remembering the steps being taken by the industry, supported by the Junta de Andalucía, for Protected Geographical Indication for marble Macael.

For his part, EEA president recalled "the importance of knowledge and know-how of our companies passed down from generation to generation with strong technological capabilities, They make sure they are prepared to work with each of the international actors of this new meeting ". "You represent different countries and therefore different needs, so our firms in its variety of specialties are perfectly prepared to meet and help ensure the success of their projects ", has added.

The agenda of the meeting has started today with the celebration of bilateral meetings between operators and guests Andalusian companies, which took place at the headquarters of EEA, and days 5 and 6 November visits to quarries and facilities for companies in the area will be conducted.

The objective of this action, which is repeated satisfactorily for six years, It is to present a selection of operators, mainly importers, dealers, wholesalers and opinion from ten countries supply sector Andalusian. Moreover, this forum can identify business opportunities in foreign markets participants.

Almería: Business protagonist

Almería has the largest representation in the meeting with fifteen of the sixteen participants (Cosentino, Gutierrez Mena, Marbles camera, Marbles Sotomar, Marbles Luis Sánchez, Marble Business Association of Andalusia, Cuellar Architecture, García Ramos, Artisans Garcimar, Marbles Juan Tijeras, Marbles Perez Garcia, Frames Macael, Crumar Project, AP Marble and Cantursa) and Malaga (Luxury Stone Tino). This action is financed on a 80% with funding from the European Union, under the ERDF Operational Programme Andalusia 2007-2013.

Sales growth and manufacturing natural stone

According to data from Extenda, Andalusian exports of natural stone (marble, travertine, alabaster, granites, Cement manufacturing, concrete, ceramics and carved stone and artificial stone) They grew 40,4% in the first eight months 2015, until 213 million, growth which is more than double that experienced by Spain in the same period (20%).

With this data, Andalusia community remains the leader in domestic sales of these products abroad, an 46,6% of total, above 18,9 points above the second, Valencia. Almería accounts for almost all sales of these products abroad, as in the year 2014, with 209,6 million, a 98,4% and total growth 41,1% with respect to the first eight months of 2014.

Industry sales have grown in 2015 in the first twenty eighteen markets as in 2014, two countries concentrated half of the United States and United Kingdom sales (53% of total), which they remain the first and second market, respectively. US sales in the first eight months 2015 reached the 82 million (38,5% and total growth 40,4%) and UK grew 79,6% (30,7 million)

Third is placed Germany followed by Australia and Italy. They also highlight the growth markets such as Canada's seventh which is more than triple sales, and Argentina (16º), which increase more than twice. They also have large growths Sweden Ireland Netherlands France and China.

Most of the sales of this period corresponded to cement manufacturing, concrete or artificial stone, whether or not reinforced, which reached 177,5 million (83,3% and total growth 39%). Also, the number of exporting companies Andalusian sector grew 5,3% in 2014, until 240, and the number of regular exporters, ie that exported the last four years followed, also it increased until 46 Companies with an increase of 58,6% with respect to 2013.