The value of exports of ham and palette Almería increased by 54% and one of sausages 242%.

Between January and September last, in 126 trade, Almeria companies that sell meat sector exported abroad 101.000 kilos of products, a 40% more than the same period last year. The value of these sales, through better quote, has grown 73%, with a global turnover of more than 722.000 euros, as the territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz.

Ham and palette has been exported almost 50.000 kilos, a 37,5% more than last year, with a turnover of 400.000 euros, a 54% more. Andorra is the main destination for this product, with a share of 56,7%, followed by Switzerland (28,2%), which has increased their purchases this year, and Japan (6%). They also buy ham and palette Almería the Dominican markets, Panama and Mexico, according to data from Extenda made since the last report Estacom.

The sale of pork abroad amounted to 36.000 kilos, a 243% more than in the first nine months of 2013. For these exports, turnover has exceeded 270.000 euros, a 242% more. The main foreign buyers of meat processed in the province are Venezuela, with the 80% of total, Japan, the 10,9%, and Andorra, the 7,3%. Also Bought, but testimonials amounts, markets of Switzerland and Dominican Republic.

As regards fresh and frozen meats, the Almeria companies have sold out 15.000 Product kilos worth 54.000 euros, a 32% less than last year.

Balance de 2013

In 2013, the pig sector in Almería marketed 79 million kilos of meat and 10,6 million kilos of live cattle. The sector also sold over 2 million kilos of manure. The value of this production totaled pigmeat 147,2 million, a 2,5% less than 2012, due to falling sales of manure, according to data from the Department of Research and Statistics of the Territorial Delegation of Almería. This billing, almost 102 million related to the sale of meat (5 million more than in 2012); 21,4 million sale of live cattle (2 millions more); and 23,8 million, from the sale of products (13 million less).