Industrial tourism as a business opportunity

Image Workshop.

Image Workshop.

The Chamber of Commerce of Almería, through the Local Office of the District of Marble, He has held, in collaboration with the Association of Marble workshop on "New tourism opportunities of entrepreneurship as an alternative to local development. Industrial tourism "framed within the lines of action of Spain Emprende Program which was attended by more than thirty businessmen and entrepreneurs

The course is focused on providing guidelines on how to incorporate the professional and personal development of students the necessary skills to generate creative processes and innovative techniques applied to entrepreneurship and business but especially in how to bet on industrial tourism in order to differentiate and complete the existing supply of domestic tourism in the Almanzora: industrial tourism favors the positioning of this destination and generates, while value in the business environment.

The technical Davinia Simon was in charge of publicizing the keys to entrepreneurship and to answer questions from the audience: Entrepreneurship Why? When undertaking? existing tools, information and advice. For his part, Francisco Orduña, Industrial tourism expert has highlighted the advantages of this type of tourism as a means of rural development and local, the importance of setting up brand companies as well as the need to adapt factories and tours to attract visitors.

During the workshop it has highlighted the need to structure and configure a product differentiator within the joint tourism opportunities offered by the Almanzora Valley and the province of Almeria.

The Spain Emprende program is co-financed by the ESF, the Chamber of Commerce of Spain and the Chamber of Almeria. The objective is to contribute to the implementation of new business activities, focusing special way in sustainability and competitiveness over time.