The Andalusian Telecare Service to incorporate 8.000 others until March

The provision, which reach 186.000 beneficiaries, generates 663 direct jobs and represents an annual savings of 2,3 million for health


The Andalusian Telecare Service (SAT) va to meet 8.000 more people between the months of December and March, reaching 186.000 Users of this provision. The Minister of Equality, Health and Social Policy, María José Sánchez Rubio, has informed the Governing Council of the current status of the service and the forecasts for expansion.

The new beneficiaries, which are incorporated from the first week of December 2013, at a rate of 2.000 month, add to the 17.700 that were discharged during the year. According to Sánchez Rubio, this extension of service is possible to “greater efficiency” in providing.

In its report to the Governing Council, the head of Equality, Health and Social Policy has stressed that strengthening the SAT reflects the “commitment” of the Andalusian with attention to the most vulnerable groups and people in situations of dependency, against progressive withdrawal of central government. In this sense, Sánchez Rubio recalled that, as a result of state policy of cuts in social benefits, late 2012 the agreement between the Imserso and Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces to provide telecare was not renewed by the municipalities. This decision left without telecare service over 28.000 Andalusian.

In addition to the social return, the minister highlighted the economic benefits of the SAT, especially in terms of employment. Now, the service provides 663 direct jobs. Them, 553 correspond to teleasistentes who work on the 'call center’ Malaga and Sevilla (Women in 80%). The 110 others are professionals in the service of installation and maintenance of home devices. The 72% of these professionals, working in the firm Proazimut, SL, are persons with disabilities, through social clauses that the Ministry is beginning to include in their contracts with.

Sánchez Rubio has also indicated that the SAT is a model of efficiency for both public health and citizenship. In this regard, a study by the Social Services Agency and Dependence concludes that telephone support calls from users demanding health care saves 2,3 million a year. Also, the 40% of family support contract would arise if there were to account for Telecare Service, which would be an expense for these families up 1.950 USD per month. Equally, this provision may delay or prevent admission to residential places, Resource Management that it represents an average cost of 1.400 euros per month per person.

Promoting autonomy

The Andalusian Telecare Service, continuously works the 24 hours, every day of the year, main objective is to promote the independence of older people and those who are in a dependent or disabled. The provision encourages beneficiaries stay in their homes and environment integration, besides providing them accompaniment, attention to emergency situations, response to health claims and support to family members who take care.

Serving the residents can access over Andalucia 65 years and cardholders Andalucía Junta Sesentaycinco, people in situations of dependency that have prescribed telecare in their individual care programs and those with more than 65% of disability among 16 and 65 age.

Since coming into operation in 2002, SAT has managed over 37 million calls in Andalucia, with a daily average which currently stands at 16.458. In so far this year, were answered 5.003.251, which results in more than 170.000 hours talk.

Of the total calls handled, 1,1 million of the beneficiaries have been made by pressing the button on your device. The objective of these has led to a 63% to hold a conversation or companionship, hence the important role of this provision to alleviate situations of loneliness and social isolation. They also highlight the calls for emergency purposes (the 18%) the request for some kind of information (19%).

As for calls made by the professionals SAT, the 92% focuses on regular monitoring of users, including family notices, appointment reminders and update. The 5% is linked to the mobilization of resources for emergencies and 3% to provide information of interest.

Tracking of users is reinforced with home visits by the team of service professionals, they have accomplished 7.269 in so far this year, with the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of the, and the perception of safety in the beneficiaries.

High satisfaction

Nowadays, SAT has 178.000 beneficiaries. Them, above 55.000 People are in a dependent and involve the 49% the total of this group dressed by telecare services in the whole of Spain.

The 56% of users living alone and 64% have an age equal to or greater than 80 years old. According to data from the latest survey of satisfaction, beneficiaries punctuate the service with 9,8 about 10. The 87% notes that gives them peace of mind and security, the 97% I would recommend to family and 88% believes that professionals working in this service performed very satisfactory care.

As for the families of the beneficiaries, the 97% believe that their quality of life has improved thanks to telecare and 98% states feel lighter thanks to this provision.