The second prize in the lottery of the Child comes back to Tíjola.

The Administration # 2 has sold a ticket 69.362, meaning that has distributed 750.000 euros.

Administration Lottery number 2 Tíjola, regentada Diego Gea, has sold a ticket (ten tenths) Second Prize Lottery Child, the 69.362. Excited by the news, Gea recalled that in the 2007 partitioned the big Christmas, then leaving 3 million among the lucky.

The large audience who came to the door of the administration, celebrated with jubilant wine cellar Seron concerned an award shared between friends and neighbors, considering the possibility that even a tenth had traveled from Tíjola to locations in the region.

In Almería, which has spent a mean of 13,82 euros per capita, the award-winning series has been sold in the window of the Administration 2 Tíjola, Open year 2000 and has acquired a reputation among its customers due to the good fortune which usually graceful.